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Not-So-Secret Service

At Camp David, Montrose looks at the waiting motorcade. He looks at the waiting Marine One. He flips a coin, and for a moment the fate of the world hangs on the random motion of that hurtling bit of metal. It's very La Bamba. "Heads," Montrose says.

The gunman stalks the rapidly emptying mall. Nice shot of a security guard's dead body riding up an escalator. Kiefer and Jill roll up outside and run for the entrance. They've clearly picked an entry point where the panic hasn't reached yet, because there are still quite a few people walking around like nobody's shooting the place up at all. Over their earpiece radios, Pete gives them directions to where he is, and Kiefer leads the way as he and his rookie partner draw their weapons. Safeties off, I assume.

At Camp David, the door of Marine One is closed. The motorcade heads down the road. The helicopter takes off. One way or another, the OTUSes are out of there.

At the mall, the Blond Gunman takes another couple of potshots at Pete, and misses, of course, Kiefer and Jill have caught up, and the former calls out, "I don't have a visual!" I bet Kiefer totally ad-libbed that line. The three agents move to flank the bad guy, who they think is trapped in a store. We hear radio chatter saying the shooter has blond hair and a dark jacket, even as we see him walking right out past the security cameras, sporting a red baseball cap and a light tan jacket he stole off a mannequin. Murder and shoplifting. Tsk, tsk. As SWAT teams arrive outside, Kiefer spots the dark jacket the shooter left on the floor, and dashes for the most likely exit. Pete doesn't even bother following. He just takes off his sunglasses (finally) and looks around unhappily.

Marine One is passing over wooded countryside, when a ground-launched missile hits it and blows it right the fuck out of the sky. Funny how I keep finding myself recapping instances of Presidential modes of air travel getting shot down, isn't it? Hi, Secret Service! You guys do great work!

Things are being cleaned up at the mall. Pete asks if Jill is okay, and she nods shakily. Kiefer asks Pete why his informant wants him killed. "I've been wondering the same thing," Pete says. "Might want to figure that one out, Pete," Kiefer lectures, and he and his partner are out of there. Hey, who's the investigator here, anyway? The Director has arrived at the mall, and he tells Pete, "The Presidential helicopter just went down." I guess he figures Kiefer doesn't need to know that until he gets back to the office.

The wreckage of Marine One burns merrily in the woods, while the Secret Service video wall is dedicated to news reports about the crash. According to the media, it's still unknown whether the OTUSes were on board at the time. That's it, crank up the suspense.

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