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Not-So-Secret Service

Meanwhile, in Kiefer's office, Jill says they can catch Pete if he logs in to the Secret Service network remotely, even if he logs in as someone else. Kiefer doesn't think Pete would risk it, but Jill thinks he's trapped. "We have his credit cards, his cell phone. There's no other place to hide." Except the shoulder of any number of rural roads throughout Maryland, of course.

Pete drives his stolen Taurus to a run-down farm. Clipboard in hand, he climbs the stairs to the rickety front porch and pleasantly greets the elderly woman who meets him there. He uses the one thing he knows about Xavier's mom, which is that she's a member of the Publisher's Clearing House faithful, and introduces himself as a member of that organization. See, he's got business cards and everything. Mama Xavier claims she hasn't talked to her son in three years, and thus can't be any help at all. Pete's cop eyes get the better of him and he stares at her intently as she speaks, but he keeps up the charade until he leaves the porch.

Even so, Mama Xavier's onto him. She walks right inside, picks up the phone, dials, and says, "Walter? It's Mom. Guy just come by the house looking for you. He's a cop." So it seems like she's a step ahead of Pete, but he's really the one who's a step ahead, because he's pulled his car up next to the phone pole by the house, where he's jury-rigged a phone-tapping device using his PDA and mini recorder. Looks like someone's got himself Xavier's phone number. And he didn't even have to climb a ladder.

He heads back to the internet bait shop, logs into the Secret Service network under Agent Tom's ID, and punches in his ill-gotten phone number. Having gotten what he wants, he gets up and leaves under the proprietor's suspicious eye. Come now; is the Secret Service network really the only place on the internet where you can access a reverse phone directory?

Back at HQ, Jill is trying to tell Kiefer that her gut tells her Pete's innocent. Kiefer spares her his lecture on gut feelings, and says instead that he and Pete were best friends for ten years -- "Until he slept with my wife. So trust me when I tell you, the only thing Pete Garrison cares about is Pete Garrison." Oh, and also vagina, apparently. Right then, the Handsome Black Agent walks up with the news that someone logged in under Agent Tom's ID from an address in a fictional Maryland town. Kiefer's incredulous, but he's ready to go. Pete was right -- he will follow the evidence wherever it leads, even to places that don't exist.

Pete carefully scopes out a filthy little collection of outbuildings somewhere near the coast. He drives up and hops out of the car, gun drawn and calling Xavier's name. But of course, upon entering the shack, he sees that someone else came to see Xavier first, and all they left was a .45 shell casing and one dead snitch. Pete's still taking this in when he hears the cars outside. He dashes back to his own vehicle and hauls ass out of there. Kiefer and Jill stop when they reach the hut, and Kiefer goes just far enough to say to Jill, "Notify Intel we've got a body." Now, that doesn't look good. A team of agents secures the hut, leaving Kiefer and Jill to lead the pursuit. And Pete's screwed, because his car quickly runs out of road. He's forced to abandon the car and run across a footbridge to a nearby island. Kiefer follows on foot, telling his men to take the car around to cut off Pete's escape. It'll be interesting to see how this race between short legs and an aging ticker will play out.

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