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Not-So-Secret Service

Pete stops for breath, because I'm sure Michael Douglas's agents negotiated some pretty strict guidelines dictating how long he could be made to run in one continuous shot. Pete then spots a decrepit ship anchored nearby. He makes for it, followed by Kiefer. Pete tries to lose his pursuer in the bowels of the boat, but it's a short chase; soon they're facing each other in the salvage yard. Kiefer holds Pete at gunpoint. Instead of drawing his own weapon, Pete says, "The traitor is still out there, Dave." Kiefer tells him to come in and they'll talk about it. "The only reason I'm alive," Pete says, "is because they don't know where I am." Except now they do, so that kind of falls apart if you look at it too hard. He turns to run, as Kiefer brandishes his gun and begs, "Don't make me do this." Pete makes him do it. Kiefer's bullet hits Pete in the back of the shoulder, sending him sprawling. The other agents hear the shot from some distance away. Pete staggers to his feet, looking wounded in more ways than one. "You want to shoot me?" he asks Kiefer, nearly crying. "Forget about the Kevlar. Shoot me in my face!" Kiefer can't do it, and instead watches as Pete hops over a low wall and escapes across the water to the mainland in a small motorboat. As Jill and the Handsome Black Agent arrive, Kiefer explains, "I took him down with a shot to the vest. I couldn't take a second shot." Nobody asks what he means by "couldn't." That little speech he gave outside Pete's house must be burning a hole in his head right about now.

Kiefer takes a meeting with Montrose, who tells him the least secure place the President's going to be in the next few days is at the G8 summit in Toronto. Busy guy, this President. Talks at Camp David one week, G8 the next. I guess his brush clears itself. Kiefer doesn't think Pete will have any trouble getting himself over the border. "You really think it's him, don't you?" Montrose asks. Kiefer doesn't answer.

Pete's next move is to present himself at the home of Dead Charlie, where the agent's widow is at home alone under no kind of protection at all. She lets him in, and after he tells her what's been going on, he says he thinks Charlie heard about what's being planned so he'd like to check Charlie's computer files. "Is that why there's a car watching the house?" Mrs. Charlie asks, and Pete loses all interest in any old computer files. Mrs. Charlie points out a maroon Cadillac through the back window. He asks for the keys to her car and tells her to call the police -- not the Secret Service -- and tell them about the Cadillac. What kind of law enforcement wife wouldn't have already done that? I hope her house is haunted by the ghost of Charlie, moaning in a spectral voice, "Call the cops, dumb-ass." Coincidentally, the driver of the Cadillac chooses this moment to back out of the alley and drive off. Pete manages to follow in Mrs. Charlie's car anyway.

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