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Not-So-Secret Service

Through the magic of filmmaking, we're instantly transported forward in time, when Kiefer is the only person in the apartment. He's gotten Pete on the phone somehow, and is telling him that there's no body in the apartment, and no other evidence besides lots of blood. Looks like the bad guys beat Kiefer there and cleaned up. Kiefer says he doesn't have enough to take back to the Director, so all Pete can do is insist that the President is going to be hit at the G8 in Toronto. He hangs up, having proven his innocence by having foreknowledge of the place and time where the President of the United States is going to be assassinated. Oh, wait.

In the White House residence, POTUS tells his wife that he's heading to Toronto tonight for security purposes. While he's talking, her cell phone rings. She checks the caller ID, sees it's Pete, and lies to her husband that it's a California number and she'll call her sister back. Or the Secret Service code name for the President's sister-in-law is California. You suppose Pete's spent any time there? POTUS asks her to look over his speech for the next day, and leaves the room. She takes the opportunity to check her voice mail. There's one message. Pete says, "Sarah, I want you to know, if I don't make it, I was doing my job. I gotta turn this off before they track me." So I guess she can't call back.

Kiefer's barking orders to the men outside the conspirators' apartment when his cell phone rings. "Agent Breckenridge? Sarah Ballentine," says the First Lady in his ear.

Next morning, Agent Tom lets Kiefer into the Residence, where the First Lady is waiting. There's some awkward business when she offers him a drink, but she figures out almost as quickly as most people do that this guy is no damn fun, and gets to the point: "Pete Garrison and I are having an affair," she says. Kiefer sort of sucks his lips in as she offers him a seat and gives him the envelope containing the sex photos that got Pete into this trouble in the first place. FLOTUS says she knows why Pete failed the polygraph test, and why he was in the coffee shop. Kiefer's expression is blank. If he's decided that this provides Pete with a motive rather than exonerates him, it's too early to tell.

Meanwhile, Pete walks into a men's store somewhere, and instantly walks back out carrying a garment bag over his shoulder. He finds a men's room to wash up in, and comes out looking quite sharp indeed in a new dark suit. Keep the receipt, Pete, in case they let you expense that after this is all over.

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