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Not-So-Secret Service

Outside, at ground level, Agent Tom gets the First Lady into a car. He gets a call from Pete, requesting a "hard car" for the President at the southwest stairs. Agent Tom relays the order to the driver, and the mini-motorcade is on its way. "We're gonna get you out of here," Pete promises the President. But the Blond Gunman is still lurking in the stairwell. At least until Jill and Kiefer take him down. Which they do.

Finally, Pete and POTUS emerge to the surface, illuminated by a helicopter searchlight. The Secret ServiceMobiles are quick to arrive, crashing right through the roadblock of parked Toronto police cars. There's some kind of symbolism there, but I'm not quite finding it. Policemen and agents come running, and Pete orders a ten-meter, 360-degree perimeter. The officers turn and form a circle, weapons pointed outwards. But soft, who is this figure with police credentials walking towards them with a gun in his waistband? Ah, it's TerrorNerd, whom nobody recognizes. Kiefer leads the President towards a car, and the First Lady picks this moment to get out of her vehicle. Which is of course when TerrorNerd grabs her. As Kiefer yells, "The President is away," Pete raises his gun and shoots the bad guy twice, right around his true love. He falls away, Pete takes two more shots at TerrorNerd, and the President's car is out of there. Which is good, because it means he can't see Pete and his wife going to each other in a very un-protector/protectee kind of way.

Back at the White House, Pete's in the Director's office. The boss is holding the blackmail photos of Pete and FLOTUS. The Director stands, briefly at a loss for words. "You take care of yourself," he tells Pete. So I guess we can assume that Pete's not getting a promotion.

Indeed, we next see Pete packing up his desk and saying goodbye to his colleagues. But on his way out, one of the agents tosses him a giftwrapped package. "This could be trouble," Pete tells the expectantly mischievous smiles arrayed before him. And indeed, he unwraps a package of Depends. "I'm gonna walk out of the White House carrying this?" he asks, to general hilarity. Of course, since he saved Reagan's life, he's in a unique position to know that he won't be the first. He departs as the agents applaud.

Outside the building, he's ditched the adult undergarments along the way, and is saying goodbye to a gate guard. Kiefer and Jill stroll up, and she gives him guff about trying to leave without saying goodbye. "Well, look who's no longer a rookie," Pete says, bumping fists with her. She thanks him with a proud grin. Yay, she killed a guy! Pete asks Kiefer to dinner this evening, but Kiefer says he has a date. Pete waggles his eyebrows grossly at Jill, causing Kiefer to grump, "With my wife." But it's a good-natured grumping. Pete says that's great. Jill thanks Pete and walks off as he says, "See you on campus, Jill." "I'm gonna miss it," Pete tells Kiefer, who responds, "It's gonna miss you, too. Take care." They shake hands, and Pete walks off down Pennsylvania Avenue. He takes one last look back at the White House. Where FLOTUS is standing at the window of the residence, watching him leave. Looks like his time in Cincinnati is over. The end.

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