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Studio. Jack runs in to stop Lemon from signing the lease. Just as Jack and Dennis are about to get into it, Tom comes in to announce that someone sabotaged the gas line. Dennis tries to pull off the "Who, me?" approach, but the air is clear again, and Lemon sees through his charade. Security guards escort Dennis out of the building as Tom tells everyone the studio should be fine by show time. This sets off another freak-out for Lemon, who still has to put together a show. Jack, too, stresses that he promised Hank Hooper that Tracy would be back. Lemon suddenly remembers seeing Tracy and Kenneth going to the roof with a gun.

Jenna joins them as they run to the elevator. They run into Hank, who proposes Jenna do a daytime talk show. The minute Jenna hears about another chance at fame, she completely abandons the idea of motherhood, and her baby bump disappears. With that, the elevator comes, and the gang heads up to the roof to save Kenneth, who is rapidly beginning to doubt the decision he made downstairs. Jack wrestles the gun away from Tracy and tells him the fix is simple: If he wants no respect, go back to TV.

They head back to the elevator with five minutes to spare. They get there to find Tom, who reports they're having elevator trouble and will have to take the stairs. They run to the stairwell, and the gun inadvertently goes off. Jack screams he's okay, so they keep running. Tom breathes a sigh of relief that he made it through his last day -- then he looks down to see the bullet hole in his abdomen.

Running down the stairs, The Five run into a wheelchair-bound guy, Brian Williams, and several recurring hobos. They hit the stage with 30 seconds to spare. Then Lemon realizes the whole show is gibberish because it was written during the second gas leak. She looks to see Hank waving his thumb like a Roman emperor before a gladiator, and she gets an idea. She heads down to break the gas line one more time. And it's the funniest TGS ever! At least if you're in the studio. Which Hank Hooper is. The show is saved!

Elsewhere, Tom Hanks sees that Tracy is back to doing TV and calls George Clooney to get Tracy taken off the official A-list. When Clooney doesn't have the password, Hanks tells him to wake up the webmaster, Brad Pitt.

Back in the studio, Jack and Lemon use the gas haze as an excuse to kiss, make up, and clink cheers fake shot glasses to 100 more episodes.

Bonus! Footage of a chicken snowboarding! And a preview of Tracy, Jenna and Kenneth's tombstones underscored by serene music. Tracy's deems him a father, husband, diabetic, alcoholic and hero. He was "Born sometime in 1970?" and died on March 17, 2016. Jenna's has theater masks and, most shockingly, her real date of birth: February 24, 1969. She also dies March 17, 2016. And last comes Kenneth. I'm pretty sure his tombstone reads May 27, 1781- March 31, 2016. The music gets more frenetic, and Kenneth's thumbs-up pops out of the grave Carrie-style.

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