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But Where Was Dr. Spaceman?

Lemon's apartment. Jack interrupts her once-in-a-lifetime attempt to go running to ask whether she's attending his 50th birthday bash. She will, but not in "the belted outfit," per Jack's orders. He hangs up before she can find out which belted outfit. Apparently, she has many. No time to worry, though, because Tracy's on the TV. He is holding a press conference to announce that he has decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of going to space, irregular heartbeat and all.

Lemon takes off her new running shoes and hears a knock at the door. She opens it to find Dennis. She tries to close the door on him, but he busts in to tell her about his sex addiction and his latest business venture: a single, inconveniently located coffee vending machine. She pooh-poohs this notion, so he returns to his original objective: to make amends for subjecting her to his "addiction." She couldn't care less. He takes this as her trying to lure him back in for hate sex. He warns her he won't give in, as his support group is "lousy with nymphos." Pure class, that one. Credits.

Lemon charges into Jack's office to discuss the "Tracy thing." Jack is trying to schedule an appointment with Tracy to dissuade him. Grizz gives him the runaround. Lemon notices that Jack is watching old movies from his childhood. Jack's ever-loving mother sent them to clear up space in the house for her new boyfriend's golf clubs. They watch one of a young Jack having the best birthday EVER! In Jack parlance, this translates to wearing a sweater vest, jumping up and down furiously, and finally vomiting from overwhelming merriment. Lemon relates. When she gets excited, she "Lizzes" her pants (laughing + whizzing = Lizzing). Jack pulls out a list he wrote in fifth grade of all the things he wanted to do before he turned 50. He has done them all... with relish. He wonders what his 10-year-old self would think if he could see grown-up Jack Donaghy. Lemon guesses he'd be excited enough to hurl. Lemon notes there is just one more item to check off: "Be friends with Batman." Jack has Jonathan call Adam West's manager. It's Grizz again. That guy sure is enterprising!

Over in the studio, Jenna flirts with a crew member as he fastens her harness. Not as dirty as she might like. Lemon happens upon them, and Jenna gives her her phone to hold while she tests out the flying cables. Jenna's phone rings. It's Dennis. Instead of admitting she's not Jenna, Lemon adopts a shiteous British accent that meets somewhere in the middle of Jane Krakowski and Madonna. Dennis begins to make amends with "former sex partner" Jenna. Lemon rolls with it, which naturally leads to Dennis trying to convince British Jenna Lemon that he was the love of Lemon's life. He fears that Lemon will be devastated, and her friendship with Jenna will be ruined if Lemon learns that he and Jenna had sex. We'll see! Commercials.

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