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Meanwhile, Jenna sprints frantically into Tracy's dressing room and declares an "actor emergency!" Tracy grabs his happy face/sad face masks and prepares to jump into action. Then Jenna tells him that her nemesis is auditioning, and his only competition is the one-man band, some old Australian, and Dot Com. Upon hearing Dot Com landed an audition, Tracy gets nervous because he "once saw that guy become Trigorin at the Wesleyan Art Space." Jenna suggests they beat Lemon at her own game by trolling the streets to find actors who will outshine Jayden and Dot Com. Tracy is in.

Back upstairs, Jack is still scratching away. He hands a paper to Jonathan and tells him to call his car. Jonathan tearfully confesses that the higher-ups won't let Jack use his company car until the bedbug situation is sorted. He'll have to take a taxi cab. The horror! Jack heads downstairs, but the taxi driver spots him scratching and refuses to him someone in the cab with "Mugabe's concubine." Heh. Cut to a few minutes later, Jack has desperately taken to the subway. He stands up to make an announcement that he is not, indeed, a drug addict or a beggar but a rich executive who just needs to get medicine for his bedbugs. He asks for directions to the 4 train, but everyone -- including some semi-crazy hobo -- looks at with judgment in their eyes as they shift to the other side of the train.

Back in the building, Lemon walks out of the studio to find a veritable circus of people lined up to audition for the show. And, oh yes, the ever elegant Cathy Geist has now joined the audition pool and is standing in the corridor doing some sort of weird 1950s calisthenics in prep for her big shot. Pete stresses that his system has been thwarted and that Jack might actually pick one of these freak shows now. Just then, their choice Jayden walks in and asks if all these wackos are his competition. He barely gets his sentence finished before Cathy Geist rams into his side like an ornery mountain goat. Yes! Jayden recovers and asks Lemon to take a picture of him in front of the TGS sign. He jokes around with them for a minute, then says he'll see them when he's on stage. He walks off, and Lemon conspires one last time with Pete about how to make things right with this train wreck of an audition.

Elsewhere, Jenna and Tracy scour the city for fresh talent. They find a "bi-larious" gay actor at the Hugh Jackman taping of Inside the Actor's Studio and a booty dancing, big-boned, black lady in Central Park.

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