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Can We Send Jon Gosselin to Australia Next?
Lemon beholds the hordes of auditioning nut jobs.
Pete: Happy?
Lemon: No. Not since I was a child. What is Cathy Geist doing here?
Pete: Her father heard about Brian Williams and insisted she get a chance. There's too many people here for the Hornberger System, Liz. What if Jack actually picks one of these weirdos? Do you know the Australian Jackie Mason was chemically castrated by his government?

Whatever's Useful, Right?
Jayden: Maybe this [picture of me standing in front of the TGS sign] will convince my mom to stop sending me law school applications.
Lemon: My mom used to send me articles about how older virgins were considered good luck in Mexico.

Random Fact about Kenneth #481
Kenneth: Oh, Mr. Donaghy, did they make you ride the freight elevator?
Jack: I walked in your shoes today, Kenneth.
Kenneth: I don't think you did, sir. I've just got the one pair, and I sleep in them.

There's a First for Everything
Lemon: Jenna, you're right. He's crazy. We can't hire him!
Tracy: Who, Brian Williams?
Lemon: No! Jayden. I'm sorry I doubted you. It's just that you've never been right before... about anything.
Jenna: I know!

Now That's a Grand Finale!
Jack: I've never been to an audition before. It was upsetting. A grotesque carnival of human misery.
Lemon: To be fair, I did not think Cathy Geist was going to finish her song by taking off her underpants.

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