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The Oprah Effect
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I was meant to recap this episode. "Believe in the Stars" was in the stars for me not only because I once worked at 30 Rock (the building) but because I also worked at O, The Oprah magazine. It's like the last two years of my resume gave birth to a television episode. Little inside baseball for you, much better cafeteria at the Oprah gig but not a lot of Lorne Michaels sightings. It's a tradeoff.

External. The offices of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Internal. Jonathan leaves Jack's office. Jack is on the phone TCB'ing as Lemon enters. Lemon is off to Chicago to report for jury duty. She never changed her address because she wanted to vote in a swing state, making me wonder: "if this is a 1984 flashback episode why doesn't Lemon's shirt have shoulder pads?" Jack bumps her up to first class and gives her pills that will relax her on the plane. The pills' only side effects are "may cause dizziness, sexual nightmares and sleep crime." Jonathan announces a call to Jack's office from Tyler Brody. "Tyler Brody, the dude from the Olympics?" asks Lemon. Jack shuts the door and lets her in on a tiny secret about the Olympics. NBC made up fake sporting events and let Americans win medals thereby boosting network ratings. Now the silver medalist in tetherball is threatening to go to the public and reveal the entire charade.

Jenna stops Lemon in the hallway without so much as a hello. She's kinda pissed because Tracy is kinda countersuing her for defamation of character after she sued him for lack of compensation for his uncanny valley video game. Lemon refuses to take sides even when Tracy joins them in the hallway to defend himself. She tells them she's calling human resources to set up a mediation between the two. Tracy leaves and Jenna points out to Lemon that while she's gotten zero payment for her work Tracy bought Grizz and DotCom a boat. Lemon concedes that she's being taken advantage of because of her gender. "Men think they can get away with anything. It's like when Adrian Brody kissed Halle Berry at the Oscars." Lemon full on empathizes with her, citing how women have it tougher in this country than anyone else. "It turns out we can't be President," she laments. I'm guessing this episode was written sometime in the summer, oh say when Obama clinched the Democratic nomination. It's the only overt reference to the Primary race between Clinton and Obama and it sets up a "who suffered more" storyline angle between Jenna and Tracy.

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