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The Oprah Effect
Actually she's dressed as Princess Lela for jury duty. "I don't think it's fair for me to be on a jury because I can read thoughts." "Dismissed." Lemon takes the flight back from Chicago to New York and enjoys a glass of wine and a Jack pill before takeoff. Jack calls her to let her know that Tyler Brody will be appearing on The Girlie Show starring Tracy Jordan in order to prevent him from alerting the media to the tetherball scandal. He's also still hung up on Kenneth's sudden loss of respect for him. Then Tracy and Jenna both call her separately to complain about how unfairly the other is treating them because of race/gender. Tracy yells in the phone: "You can't fix this, Liz Lemon! It's about race. It's about being a woman. It's about money. It's about being on TV, and no one understands all that." Enter OPRAH. She sits down next to Lemon. Lemon smells her. She tries to make small talk with OPRAH but is so crazy on pills she unloads all of her problems within a second, including the bad blood between Jenna and Tracy. OPRAH tells her to control her decisions. She's letting Jenna and Tracy fill the role of children in her life as she seeks adoption. Then OPRAH offers her salt-water taffy from Rhode Island. It's one of her favorite things along with sweater capes and calypso music. I'm writing all this down, making my own O List and checking it twice. OPRAH offers to help Lemon with her Tracy/Jenna problem by coming into 30 Rock and settling the dispute. "You are the best person in the whole world," says Lemon. Then she falls asleep in OPRAH'S lap.

Jack has Kenneth up to his office for a lecture on civics. Jack deals in moral shades of grey but for Kenneth it's purely black and white. He does the right thing even when tempted to do the opposite. For instance, Kenneth can't afford cable but refuses to steal it even though he loves TV and there is an illegal cable wire hanging by his window.

Tracy is dressed up like a white chick, and when I say white chick I mean White Chick. Toofer and Frank look terrified as Tracy asks about doing brunch and blurts out the non sequitur "lipstick." Lemon arrives back at 30 Rock and talks to Jack who is still upset about Kenneth's unrealistic moral fortitude. She is shocked when she sees Tracy walk up dressed as a white girl with a monster's claw. Lemon asks the best setup question of the season thus far: "Wait, what is Jenna doing?" CUT TO: Jenna bopping down the hallway wearing a suit, black hair wig, and blackface while singing "Ease on Down the Road" from The Wiz. All three run over to her and Jack complains to Lemon "this is worse than when you wore your shorts to work." Toofer objects strenuously and Jenna defends herself by pointing out the social experiment she and Tracy are engaged in. Who has it harder in America, women or black men? Jack points out no one has it tougher than white men because they make the tough calls and live with the consequences. "Men like me have to clean up messes like this." Lemon corrects him. He doesn't. Someone else is coming to fix all of their problems. THE OPRAH!

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