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The Oprah Effect
Lemon: "No one has it harder in this country today than women. It turns out we can't be President. We can't be network news anchors. Madonna's arms look crazy."

Which one do you kick a ball?
Kenneth: Was any of it real, Mr. Donaghy? Beer-pong? Jazzercise? Women's soccer?

I thought Marlon Brando was dead
Jack: "How would you like to host a Deal or No Deal in the privacy of your own home?"

Silent Comedy Award
Synchronized running

"White people stole..." sort of like "Black people used to..."
Tracy: "White people stole jazz, rock n' roll, Will Smith, and heart disease."

A repost if I may
Jenna: "Liz says these days in America it's harder to be a White woman than a Black man."
Tracy: "Liz Lemon. That chick is dumb."

One of those ruby red states they yapped about on MSNBC
Tracy: "Do you know it's still illegal to be Black in Arizona?"

I'll assume it if you'll just give me the opportunity
Jenna: "Women are the oppressed ones and it's even harder being a beautiful woman. Everyone assumes I don't try in bed. It's discrimination."

I'm pretty sure that's somebody
Jack: "We're talking about nobody. A hillbilly nobody who doesn't know anything."

Biker shorts perhaps?
Lemon: "I saw the show about following a fear and it inspired me to wear shorts to work. It didn't go great."

Where did you go to camp, a Japanese horror remake?
Lemon: "One time in summer camp I kissed a girl on a dare but then she drowned."

Ah, the Palin wing of the party platform
Kenneth: "I don't believe in hypothetical situations, Mr. Donaghy. That's like lying to your brain."

Ah, the Palin wing of the party platform pt. deux
Jack: "Kenneth, I'm familiar with the 10 Commandments."
Kenneth: "Ten?"

How the Democrats won the election
Kenneth: "I am also a white man--"
Jack: "No you are not. Socio-economically speaking you are more like an inner-city Latina."

No-prize Award
There was some strong competition this week what with Jenna and Tracy's stereotype send-ups and Lemon's Oprah confessional but I give this week's no-prize to Kenneth for making me still laugh at one of the oldest jokes in the book.

Jack: "There isn't always a right answer. Say you're in a lifeboat..."

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