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Age Before Beauty

Knicks game. Jack continues teasing out details from Danny about the identity of his office playmate. It only takes a few details -- but they're doozies, trust you me -- for Jack to realize that Danny's canoodling with Lemon. He gets a bit sick.

Jenna arrives at her audition in her finest Waldorf headband. She and the actress read the same lines a couple times before the casting director informs her she's reading the wrong lines. She laughs a bit at the thought of playing a mother, then the laughter devolves into a bloodcurdling scream as she slowly processes the reality of it.

Jack's office. Lemon enters, and Jack closes the blinds one by one as he dances around his new knowledge. Then he screams "Black light attack!" and flips a switch, revealing incriminating hand and lip prints from Danny's robot paint that have made their way onto Lemon's cardigan. He encourages her to end it, and she throws his earlier yearning for the good old days of office hook-ups in his face. He tells her he always confined his work flings to women whom he could transfer or introduce to Nicholas Sarkozy. Danny, on the other hand, isn't going anywhere. He definitively tells Lemon to end it. She stomps off, but not before Jack flips the black light again and reveals some handprints with serious implications on the back of Lemon's knees.

Downstairs, Tracy goes off on a crew member who makes a suggestive comment about Sue's fro yo. He wonders what's become of him, since he used to find that guy funny. Kenneth tells him that he's feeling paternal toward Sue, even more so because she's a girl, and that it's good for him.

Out in the corridor, Jenna frantically charges Lemon with the news that she was asked to audition for a mother's role. Lemon tries to wrangle Pete into the situation, but he gets one glimpse of Jenna and runs the other way. Given no choice, Lemon tries to give Jenna a shot of reality: She's outgrown her former niche. She tells Jenna she has a choice between aging gracefully like Meryl Streep and going under the butcher like Madonna. Unsurprisingly, Jenna prefers shots of Botox to shots of reality. She chooses Madonna.

Lemon hits the wig and makeup room to break it off with Danny. She gets about halfway there before he stands up, takes off his barber smock, and reveals he's wearing a CHiPs uniform. And we all know how Lemon loves her CHiPs. She invites him back to her office for some more finger painting, if you know what I mean. Some time later, she comes whistling out of her office. Pete's eyes alight with a glimmer of hope for a brief moment when he thinks TGS was cancelled. Alas, Lemon's just inexplicably cheerful.

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