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Age Before Beauty

Lemon: Well, then I guess it's on.

Broadcast from the Hockey Rink Chatter Box
Danny: And now I'm at the point where I love just kissing. We kiss for an hour, and it's totally enough for me.
Jack: Uh huh, this is good guy talk.
Danny: She has really thin lips, but she makes up for it with tongue girth.
Jack: Okay, maybe we just watch the game -- forget about girls for a night?
Danny: You know, my little cuddle baby loves to watch figure skating, and I'm really starting to get into that...

Doll Hairs and Sense
Tracy: I don't know if I can go through this with a real daughter.
Kenneth: Yes, you can. I know that was hard, but I bet you wouldn't give up this week with Ms. LaRoche van der Hoot for anything.
Tracy: I wouldn't. Not for a billion doll hairs.
Kenneth: I'm sorry, did you say "doll hairs"?
Tracy: Yeah! They're not worth nothing. You could probably sell them to a doll company and get maybe 40 grand for 'em.

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