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"I Ate My Father-Pig!"

Elsewhere, 'Gina leads a blindfolded Jenna out into the night. He removes the blindfold, and she recognizes the locale immediately: "It's the vacant lot where we had our first face-kiss!" He says what they have is beautiful and that people need to see how they feel about each other. It's the lead-up she's been hoping for, only 'Gina takes a left turn right before the money shot and, instead of asking her to make a sex tape, asks her to join him as he visits his parents in Ohio this Christmas. He leans in to touch tongues, porno-style, but Jenna is too horrified by this development to reciprocate. One of the bums yells out, "Hey get a room! Whatever that is..."

The next day, Jack tells Tracy Donald's restaurant is a disaster. Tracy says he knows that and he is desperate to find more investors. Jack asks about Brown & Folderson. Tracy tells him that's what he calls his wallet and says he's backed every one of Donald's foolish business schemes. He says, as Donald's "father," he has no choice. Jack rolls his eyes at this last claim but continues on, telling Tracy he's doing Donald no favors by encouraging him. He tells him to cut Donald off. "But he's only 43 years old!" says Tracy. Jack tells him that not everybody's cut out to be a businessman, "for example, curly-haired men and people who need glasses." Tracy doesn't want to crush Donald's dreams. Jack insists that he's really just letting Donald "fly with his own wings." Says Tracy, "And I bankrolled that, too! Thank God we tested it with a monkey first!"

Down in the studio, Kenneth finds Lemon to ask her about joining the TGS softball team. She joins 25 others with the response of "Shove it up your goonhole." She tells him she's been thinking ever since their talk yesterday. She lies down on a conveniently located couch, and he sits down with his clipboard in a chair just across the set. She tells him about her aunt Linda, who got divorced because her uncle Harry was cheating. Kenneth notes it's another male betrayal. Flash back to Aunt Linda bitterly saying Harry hated her cooking as she serves Lemon a plate full of spaghetti topped off with fried eggs. "Here's a fun game," she chirps, "put on Harry's cologne and give me a back rub in the bath!" Lemon realizes mid-sentence that her trust issues and her food issues are related, just as Uncle Harold is the direct cause of her gag reflex for eggs. Lemon realizes that Kenneth is the perfect therapist because she can dump all her problems on him, walk away, and move on with his life. She deems it a win-win and breezes off, leaving a shaking Kenneth wishing she'd never brought up the name Harold.

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