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Murphy's Law

The strains of "O Holy Night" swell up as Colleen and Milton squabble over Jack's incendiary comments. Lemon sneaks out the door, looking back to wish Jack a Merry Christmas. We learn that the gorgeous duet of "O Holy Night" is being performed by the Two Black Swans, Paul made up Portman-style and Jenna donning black face and an Afro wig. They hit a crescendo as Tracy and the battered women laugh riotously at his movie, Lemon boards the bus and sits down next to a man with a parrot, and Jack smiles blissfully that his parents are screaming at him in chorus. Happy holidays, hippies!

Bonus! Tracy as Grandmama Chunk sings "O Holy Night" in Chunks 2: A Very Chunky Christmas, now with more vomit!

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