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Since the last new episode of 30 Rock five weeks ago, I have watched three Presidential debates, a marathon of Little People Big World, all of the MSNBC caucus and primary coverage, and the premieres of American Gladiator and Celebrity Apprentice , so a new 30 Rock had me arms-wide-open running to hug my television set tonight like I was the mother of a World War II vet returning home from the Black Forest -- more on Germans later. Suffice to say, it didn't disappoint.

Lemon and Edie Falco's C.C. (back again!) are waiting outside Jack's office, both scheduled for meetings. In a supercilious tone, Jonathan informs them that Jack is inside, speaking with Germans about a possible buyout of the largest cable network in Northern Europe. Lemon cracks back sophomoric, and then the meeting lets out, with Jack speaking, in German and with laughter, about how stingy Bavarians are (it's true; I roomed with Werner Herzog in college and he wouldn't even share his sugar). Next on the docket is Lemon, but she insists that Jack first see his girlfriend. Congressman C.C. never-minds her, though, insisting how important boundaries are to their relationship.

Cut to Jack on G-Span, testifying before congress. C.C. asks him what their plans are this evening, and after advice from his legal counsel, Jack responds, "There is an eight o'clock showing of Fred Claus." Lemon wants help with her finances, but Jack is too in love to care about her checking account or her almost-paid-for bicycle -- he's booked Gladys Knight on the show because it's C.C.'s favorite singer. Once again, Patti LaBelle gets fucked on the pop culture callbacks. What, was "Out All Night" not good enough for you people? She launched Morris Chesnutt's career, for Christ's sake. Jack is in love, enamored with the fact that he wants someone to actually be a part of his life. He advises Lemon to buy real estate as a sane investment and then shoos her out of his office so that he can finally see his gurrlfrieeend. Wooo!

Commercial. Tracy Morgan has a new movie. Apparently it's Booty Call 2: The Booty Strikes Black. I've got a $20 that says the father from Everybody Hates Chris is in it.

Speaking of Tracy, he walks in and announces that he's bought a brand new cappuccino machine as an apology for what happened the other day. What happened the other day? Cut to Tracy exiting the elevator, yucking it up with Napoleon as a robot walks by. Jena is wearing an eye patch and tells him (really the camera) that his father is here. Tracy begins strangling Napoleon (fascist) and Jena gets strangled by the robot (future fascism). Snap back to present day and Tracy acknowledges, "Okay, that may have been a dream." Clearly Tracy has yet to get over either his daddy issues or Jena's jealousy of his fame. The cappuccino machine winds up on Kenneth's page desk, and people line up for their fresh coffee while he fails to get work done.

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