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Kenneth bids goodbye to Tracy. He's going back to Georgia and over Tracy, Grizz, and Dotcom's protests, he and his overalls walk out that door. That door. That door...next come the horns and the bass line and piano. Tracy begins to sing his own version of "Midnight Train to Georgia" with Grizz and Dotcom as his Pips. To try and describe it would be like dancing to architecture or trying to put into words the one and only time I ever met Mike Tyson.

Then we see Lemon walking home, a lonely girl. She runs into Papa G and the rest of the co-op board members. "Liz, you look good." They introduce her to the woman who won the co-op's approval for the condo; Lemon keeps her head held high and offers sage advice about apartment remodeling. As she keeps her chin up, the previous music begins to swell again.

Back at 30 Rock, Tracy and the Pips go into a second verse, walking down the hallway singing to camera. Up pops Jena! A diva through and through, she takes the song completely over with some patented Aguilera over-singing. Oh how I love this moment. Jena, you're a star. Lemon joins Jack in his office, while he watches C.C. on G-Span television, to commiserate with his lost love. She says he should have gone for it with C.C. but then Jack says something true: "You made the same choice that C.C. and I did. You chose your career over Floyd." Then Jack drops into his singing part and C.C., still on TV behind him, joins the chorus too. "I've got to go / I've got to go," sings Lemon with disgust on her face at the choices she's made. Tracy, Jena, Grizz, and Dotcom keep the song going, and Kenneth busts into the studio singing, "I missed it." He missed his midnight train back home, misinformed about the time. They sing a final stanza of "He Missed The Midnight Train To Georgia." A pissed-off Gladys Knight walks in. "I'm trying to get some sleep. What's going on in here?" "Nothing, Gladys Knight," says Tracy. "Sorry." Celebrity Apprentice is next. God, I miss the writers.

...who wrote these jokes! See how I folded that into itself? What were the best lines? Apparently, they were entire conversations:

Jack gleams Mitt Romney's comeback strategy
"The President's only going to veto your crazy social programs. The founding fathers never intended for the poor to live into their forties."

Answer: By not eating
"C.C. and I are trying to meet halfway, which means balancing work, and love, and life. I honestly don't know how Kelly Ripa does it."

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