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Lemon and Jack Get Schooled
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30 Rock. Lemon makes a typically frazzled start to the day as she wonders where Tracy and Jenna are. They finally show up, Tracy in a paper doctor's robe and Jenna in a ripped, disheveled private school uniform. Tracy apologizes that they haven't been able to get into their costumes yet. Lemon looks at her watch and mentions how behind schedule they are. Jenna tells her that men's watches are out for women. This year it's all about the Adam's apple. Lemon explains that her grandfather received this watch after working for years at Union Station in D.C. -- as a pickpocket.

One of the crew guys (the delicious Daniel Sunjata) comes in and makes the last call for the TGS lottery. Everyone buys in to pick one card from the deck. If their card is selected from an independent deck, they win a thousand dollars. Lemon buys one just to get everyone back to work. Jenna and Tracy warn Lemon that the crew members hate it when people in creative win. Lemon is sure she won't win because she only has a one in 52 chance. Tracy is amazed at her ability to determine the odds of winning, and suggests she take her Rain Man-like probability skills to Vegas.

Writers' room. Lemon finds Toofer in the "Punishment Corner" for adopting a Madonna-esque faux Brit accent... or just being the persnickety intellectual we all knew him to be. Toofer insists they look up the pronunciation for "shed-you-al" on the Internet, and it comes back as the American pronunciation "sked-you-al." After Frank tells Toofer to stay in the corner, Lutz points out that the voice on the pronunciation voice sounds eerily similar to Jack's. They test out some more words (America, whiskey, liberal), but it's irrefutably proven once Frank types in the magic phrase: "Lemon, Lesbian Frankenstein wants her shoes back." Credits.

Upstairs, Lemon finds Jack reminiscing over old GE quarterly reports. He shows her one from 1985 with a photo not unlike this one on the cover. Lemon asks why he's looking back, and he explains that GE's Microwave Division is releasing its quarterly report today. He tells her it might be his last quarter with the company now that he's transitioning to Kabletown. He gazes out a window and waxes nostalgic, "I've been a GE man for 25 years... and a GE woman for one week of corporate espionage at Revlon."

Lemon awkwardly changes the subject to ask if Jack could possibly be the voice of Pronouncify.com. He types in a phrase to check. As luck would it, the phrase is "Those bastards." Indeed, his voice has been co-opted from back when he was in college at Princeton and had to make ends meet by reading every word out of the dictionary for a linguistics project: "They wanted to preserve the perfect American accent in case of the Cold War." Once the Iron Curtain fell, the researchers sold the recordings, and Jack rues the things his voice has been dragged into -- Thomas the Tank Engine, Wu-Tang Clan songs, etc.

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