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Lemon takes four pregnancy tests and all of them read positive. In a panic she marches up to Jack's office only to find Don Geiss's daughter sitting at a table adorned by stuffed ponies. Lemon finds it hard to adjust to life with no Jack and as Mrs. Geiss pulls a tiny toy car from out her mouth Lemon backs away carefully.

Tracy, Frank and Dotcom are in the studio listening to the vocal tracks being performed live by Jenna and Grizz. The scenario being played out is that of a warrior who has just defeated a snake elf and has been requested, presumably, by Florence the nympho water nymph to join him in the orgy chamber. "The poets will sing of this night," remarks Grizz's character. "Cut" yells Tracy. He doesn't like the way it's going. He's digging Grizz's performance but Jenna is over thinking things. "I don't need another Judi Dench situation," he reminds everyone. Jenna fakes sex sounds to the sudden shock of Grizz and to the delight of Tracy. He wants to do it again but this time records it.

Lemon stares at her pregnancy test as she phones Jack and leaves him an excited message that "things are happening." But back in Washington, Jack and Cooter sit in a meeting on infrastructure. As the table bickers he interrupts to point out that they need pens. The table bickers even louder but he cuts straight through it with an impressive speech about the greatness of the country. "We need hope. We need change. We need experience [Tina Fey edit]. We need pens." The crowd begins to clap, especially Cooter whose eyes are set to admiration.

Jenna finds Kenneth in the hallway after having to put her clothes on by herself. He apologizes but his application essay is the true culprit. Just then Donny quite clumsily reveals himself from behind a curtain. It's always nice to see one of the Human Giant guys. Donny taunts Kenneth about missing the deadline in Chinese, maybe even Cantonese. Kenneth answers back in kind and Jenna rounds it out with the only words she knows in Chinese: "I was told there would be no nudity." Donny makes a clumsy exit and Kenneth shares with Jenna he has a mental block with writing the essay. He finds it difficult to brag about himself. "Not even a backdoor brag?" she asks. Jenna tries to teach him one but he fails horribly then walks away, but not before sliding his application into the trash. He leaves and Jenna pulls it back out along with a positive pregnancy test. Hrm?

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