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Speaking of sauce-age: Frank is hot for the tender meat 'n' coffee messenger in this next scene. The boy bait has just clumsily flirted with Lemon and after he exits Frank calls him adorable, to which Lutz responds, "Gay." Frank, wearing a hat that says 'Right Boot' does not back down. "Maybe I am gay...for that little peach." Lutz keeps on, asking if Frank wants to hold him. Yes. Lutz calls him gay again. Check, says the shrug of Frank's shoulders. Lutz looks for some support in the room, but people are quite disinterested. This isn't Chuck and Larry, Lutz. Evidently "gay" is not automatically pejorative. "Why isn't this any fun?" he asks rhetorically.

Aside: There's an interesting shot in this scene of Lemon and Frank standing side-by-side that makes me wish I had HD. It looks like a pedophile sidled up next to a woman who married a prisoner.

Tender Meat 'N' Coffee walks into Lemon's office and asks her out on a date. Lemon declines, instead asking him how old he thinks she is. "I don't know, 29?" Lemon rolls with that. Anyway, he's 25 so it looks like it's a date. Frank walks in and gives him a new French cut sweater as a gift. He can't help himself. He's so gay right now you don't even believe it.

Jenna convinces Lemon to follow through with her planned date with Tender Meat 'N' Coffee, who looks like Zac Efron according to Lemon. Who is Zac Efron? It's true. I may not be Black enough to not own Sideways on DVD, but I'm still not miscegenated enough to know who the hell that guy is. Anyway, Jenna introduces Lemon to the idea that they're both Cougars, hot older ladies on the prowl for young men. Frank interrupts their conversation in wardrobe while wearing a hat the reads 'Handy Man' and a reverse-engineered gondola t-shirt designed for clubbing in places that ejaculate soap onto the dance floor.

On her date with Jamie, Lemon name drops Gnarls Barkley like it accidentally fell off of a really fast moving pickup truck. After the party, Tender Meat 'N' Coffee wants to go to Marquis and then possibly an after-after party, but Lemon, already yawning, blurts out that she's 37. Tender Meat blurts out he's 20. Then Jack walks in. "When will death come?' she asks existentially.

Then that Zune commercial with The Shins song comes on and changes my life.

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