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The Pelican Grief
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Lemon and the TGS crew return jubilantly from their 50th show to find Jack's generous gift of empty wine bottles, or, as he calls, them, "decorative air holders." He asks for a word with Lemon. They head into her office, where he tells her that the whole company is undergoing cutbacks. Even he has suffered. He had to let Jonathan go earlier. Cue clip of Jonathan singing "I can't liiiiiiiiive, if livin' is without youuuuuu." It's no Bridget Jones at the company Christmas party, but it'll do. Jack warns Lemon that the parent company is hiring consultants to come in and trim the fat. As such, she'll have to whip up a presentation justifying her budget. He wonders if she can handle is. She is confident she'll be fine -- cocky, really. Jack heads upstairs to make more cuts, while Lemon addresses the Trix up her sleeve. Credits.

The next day, Kenneth reports for duty as Jack's new assistant. Jack instructs him on the "Three D's": Discretion, Docility and Don't Use My Bathroom. The phone rings, and Kenneth takes his first call. Jack pulls the old "I'm not here" maneuver, much to Kenneth's consternation. This is not going well at all. Kenneth, impressed with the corporate intrigue, says he feels like he's in The Pelican Brief, then shiftily looks around, whispering, "Do I already know too much?"

Downstairs, corporate consultant Brad Halster (a.k.a. psychotic pharmacist George Williams, a.k.a. Dr. Frederick Frahnk-in-steen, a.k.a. Roger Bart) marches up to meet Lemon for the presentation. He starts for the conference room, and she's all, "Not so fast there, y'old stuffed shirt!" Cue Steve Jobs-esque presentation of the three fundamental components of TGS: comedy, musical, live. So far so good. She actively foregoes mentioning any numbers and instead lists just a few of the accolades and exclusives the show has accrued (see quotes at end), then unleashes a shit storm of TGS's greatest hits. These include fat, vomiting Tracy in drag, roller dancing fat Jenna, fart science, Flavor Obama, The Bear and Robot Talk Show, rapping Suri Cruise, more fart scientists, and Tracy as a Martian. The presentation reaches its thrilling denouement with the entire cast running out on stage buoyantly. And, oh yes, there is raining confetti. A home run, right? Budgetary Brad: "So where's that conference room?" Guess there should have been more confetti? And maybe a cow costume?

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