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The Pelican Grief

Kenneth barges in to tell Jack about a spider on his desk. He notices pervasive silence and wonders if this is another firing meeting he's interrupted. "It is now," says Jack, and invites Kenneth to sit down.

Later, Kenneth seems surprisingly unfazed back at his Page desk. Tracy and Jenna approach to apologize for real, with just a hint of casual racism (thanks Jenna!). They tell him they want to make it up to him. Cut to Kenneth entering his apartment for the first time in an untold number of days. He is greeted by a dove, then looks around to see scads of other birds of many varieties (other than pelican, sadly). "Looks like I've got some naming to do!" he delights. "Pat. Balthazar. Donna. Lorne. Michaels"... and so it goes.

Fiscal funnies anyone?

One of These Does Not Belong With the Others
Lemon: Okay, guys, I just want to say congratulations on our 50th show -- 50 hours of comedy, over 300 sketches, one unsolved crew death, and an Emmy... magazine cover story!

Don't Ya Just Hate When That Happens?
Lemon: Handle a presentation? Jack, I put on a live show every week... unless there's wrestling. I'm on it.
Jack: Good, I've got some more downsizing to do upstairs, so I've got no time for hand-holding. Let's get this right.
Lemon: I've got some tricks up my sleeve.
Jack: That's my girl.
Lemon: No, Trix the cereal -- I've got some up my sleeve. It's sticking to the fibers!

The Ooey-Gooey Center of Lemon's Budget Presentation
Lemon: Now I could stand here, Brad, and bore you with numbers. I could tell you that we're the #1 late-night show among men 9-13... and the morbidly obese. I could tell you that we're in final negotiations to create exclusive content for America's jails.

Consider It a Jurassic Perk!
Kenneth: With both these jobs, I don't know when I'm gonna be able to get home. I'm worried about my bird, Sonny Crockett. Would you mind going to my apartment and feeding him?
Tracy: Yeah, okay. Birds are like little dinosaurs, so what I'll be doing is actually pretty cool and brave.

Well That Gives "I Have 200 People Under Me" New Meaning
Sheryl: Do you know Jack Donaghy well?
Lemon: Pretty well.
Sheryl: Do you happen to know if he's a boob man or a butt man?
Lemon: What? Why would you ask that?
Sheryl: Because I don't want to get fired. So I'm going to have to go in there and boink my way out of this one. I'm Sheryl, by the way.

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