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The Pelican Grief

Lemon: All right, hard ball! Thirty minutes, sounds, top front of my body is now in play. Deal?
Brad: Deal.

Deal Breaker
Jack: Um, Lemon. I heard a rumor that you went out with one of the consultants last night.
Lemon: Well, I had no choice. I had to give him a little taste of the Lemon, my friend. And it was not sour. Not sour.
Jack: It's interesting you put it that way, because your writers' room is now the headquarters for Telemundo's coverage of World Cup soccer qualifying.
Lemon: What the what?! Brad and I had a deal. I gave him top-front!
Jack: Top-front? Good lord, Lemon, that's your worst quadrant.

But Time Won't Bring Back Sonny Crockett!
Jenna: Kenneth, you know how told Tracy not to go into your bedroom? Well, naturally we assumed you were a serial killer, and, as you can imagine... your bird is dead.
Tracy: Yep, but on the bright side, you've been downgraded from "Suspect" to "Person of Interest."
Jenna: Someday we're going to look back on this and laugh.
Tracy: HAHAHAHAHA! Time does heal all wounds!

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