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Back at the studio, it's Jenna to the rescue. Jack pleads with her to help him since she's the only one who knows where Lemon is coming from. Though she's unhappy to reveal a diva takedown maneuver, Jenna says she's always wondered why they didn't just take the door off its hinges. So off the door goes. Jack tells Lemon that she is bringing down the ship (not to mention exposing her entire audience to Kenneth's sanitized renditions of Garrison Keillor stories). He tells Regular Lemon to take a backseat to Performer Lemon for just a moment, so he can make some money. Lemon turns to the mirror to coax Performer Lemon out on stage. What follows is a scene strongly inspired by The Exorcist, but with more ham. Right after Performer Lemon tells Regular Lemon to kill herself, Regular Lemon turns around and starts crying -- from her mouth. Apparently that's a side effect of the Lasig. Jack decides he has to fall on the sword and tells Lemon to go home. Regular Lemon doesn't want to let him down, but Performer Lemon growls her into submission.

Down the hall, Tracy performs an impromptu R&B slow jam dedicated to the daughter of his dreams.

Baby giiiiiiiirl,
You're the missing piece, the perfect fit.
Baby giiiiiiiirl,
You're the product of doing it.

Most importantly, though, it's straight from the heart. Angie consents to make a baby, even after Tracy warns her that he won't be around because he'll be EGOT-ing. "Awwww," Angie coos. "Tracy Jordan, you're an idiot!" He responds, "I know. We're lucky people laugh when I say stuff." They smooch and start the baby-makin'.

The next day, Lemon returns to her office beside the writers' room and puts on her glasses just like old times -- plus one janked-up new hair cut. Jack comes in to check on her. She says he should never have commented on her hair. He acknowledges that, and they agree that it will grow out nicely. She apologizes for ruining the show, but he tells her he was able to salvage the footage she filmed before the meltdown. From now on, he announces, her title credits will be playing on television sets in the background of all NBC soap operas. Upon hearing this joyous announcement, a stripey-scarfed Frank jaunts into the room. Relief washes over his face as he takes Lemon in his arms and kisses her on the cheeks, telling her never to leave him again. Realizing she's back to her old self, Lemon begins to cry. Still from her mouth. That'll take some time to right itself, I suspect.

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