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Hornberger the Hornberger is remodeling the green room to look like a nursery for Liz. She thanks him, discards the baby doll in her hand, and heads over to Tracy's dressing room. She plays with Tracy a game of suggestive psychology by telling him that Lil' Wayne the rapper -- "that's his name, right?" -- always buys diamond watches for everybody that works on his albums. Tracy reads her loud and clear: "I should get my rap career going again." No. Lemon asks him to give something to all the people who helped him make his pornography video game.

Jack is in Central Park with his mailroom co-workers when Devon comes out from behind a rock wearing a suit with no shoes, followed by two men who are quite possibly Randy the cowboy and Felipe the American Indian chief. Jack demands that he pull himself together for the sake of the company, but Devon is not worried. He plans on shutting down the company for two years in order to starve supply and create a greater appetite for demand. Read more about this economic plan HERE. Devon then rambles incoherently for a few sentences and runs back into the wilderness of the park in search of Connecticut.

Back at 30 Rock Lemon shows Bev around the TGS set and compliments it as a superior environment for kids. That assertion takes a hit when a light from the ceiling comes crashing to the floor behind them. Bev takes down a note. A black guy walks past them. "Hey Rick," says Lemon. "I'm Fred. Rick is the other black guy." Lemon tries to play it off. "Happens to everyone, right Bev?" "Hmm, yeah. Happens all the time to my black husband." That went ... well? It continues on that track when Bev interviews some of Lemon's co-workers who all, one way or another, sink her with comments like Jenna's for example: "I used to date O.J." O.J. as part of a white woman's dating history is like asking Ice Cube to check "yes" or "no" to ever being convicted of a felony on a job application. Jack pulls Lemon away from the rapidly decaying adoption evaluation process and tells her he is going through with it. He's going upstairs to "doink" Kathy Geiss. Tracy has an announcement to make and makes it loudly in front of Bev and Lemon. He bought gifts for everyone involved in the pornography video game. For Frank a set of solid gold nunchucks. Pete gets a chinchilla coat. "You going to get so much nice-nice in that you going to have to grow another ding-" "Tracy!" shouts Lemon. She changes the subject quickly by introducing him to Bev. Tracy accepts the subject change by planting a firm and lingering kiss on Bev's lips. Devon walks in, to Lemon's surprise. He blew off Connecticut. Lemon tells Kenneth the NBC Page that "it is imperative that you keep Mr. Banks down here until I can get to Jack. Do you know what imperative means?" "Tell me! Tell me!" claps Kenneth with glee. Lemon goes upstairs to warn Jack and Kenneth attempts to distract Mr. Banks by performing girl push-ups. It appears to be working. Upstairs in Jack's former office a poster of Mark Wahlberg the douche appears to stare out at Jack and Kathy Geiss slow dancing to "Good Vibrations" when Lemon charges in and warns Jack about Devon's imminent arrival.

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