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Jonathan the devout assistant runs up to Lemon and alerts her to run upstairs before Jack can debase himself for the company by having sex with Kathy. Upstairs in the office, Kathy is taking off Jack's shoes, one then the other, when Lemon charges in with one hand held over her eyes. "Don't do this! If you do you'll be just as bad as Devon." "Liz what are you doing here?" Jack looks over at the television playing a soap opera. "I thought you were at the fitness center with your twin?" He silently urges her to play along with his carefully orchestrated ruse of a scene meant to be reminiscent of a soap opera; a soap opera for instance like episode 2,114 of The Young and the Restless when Victor gets caught having an affair with another woman and... forget I said anything. Anyway, Jack and Lemon convince Kathy through their campy performance that they are indeed lovers. It goes over so well with Kathy that she demands they kiss. "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" Will they? Will they kiss, these two ships in the night? Will they utterly ruin this show? Naw! Of course they won't. What, you thought you were watching a Dear John episode or something? Next week Jere Burns gets a heart of gold? Get outta here.

Outside, Jack runs into Devon. He shows him a signed paper. Proof that Kathy has hired Jack to manage her on all business matters. Devon tells Jack he has a back up plan for his financial future and then runs into a car and threatens to sue, only he can't because it's Tracy in the car who points out "I'm already being sued. Double Indemnity!" Devon hastily looks for another car to run into and Jack chases after.

Lemon pays a visit to Jack, who is back in his old office. Bev unfortunately recovered completely from her head trauma and denied her application for adoption. She'll have to seek out a different agency. "The semi-virtuous path. You won't regret it," Jack tells her. Lemon exits. Lemon peeks her head back inside Jack's office. "Did you need something else Lemon?" "No. I just like seeing you in there."

A sweet note to close on and for the record there is no Tina Fey backlash. She'd have to take herself way more serious than this for that to happen. Jokes?

Skin Flicks
Lemon: "I got rid of all my Colin Firth movies in case they consider them erotica."

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