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30 Rock. Lemon enters Jack's office and mentions she's going on a weekender with Carol to Nags Head, NC. Jack thinks Lemon going to Nags Head is redundant. She pulls out a piece of paper predicting this jab with no small amount of self-satisfaction. With even greater self-satisfaction, he pulls out a piece of paper predicting she would predict his jab. This round goes to Donaghy. He notes that he an Avery are also taking a romantic weekend before the baby comes. They're going to Toronto for the G8 Summit. He growls that it will be very erotic. Lemon whispers that she "packed underwear... that isn't gray." She thinks it's a blessing to date someone just like oneself, for example partnered "Type A nut jobs" Jack and Avery, or she and Carol. Jack calls them both stubborn. She prefers to call it principled. Jack warns her that dating someone very similar can be a double-edged sword because they also share the same flaws. She says that would only be a problem if she had any flaws. Jack: "Not only is your fly open. There's a pencil sticking out it." Credits.

Downstairs, Jenna practices congratulating Tracy for achieving the elusive EGOT and proving once and for all that he is more talented than she is. Pan down to her holding her hand over a lit candle -- perhaps the only thing more painful than Jenna admitting someone else is better at something (anything!) than she is. She barges into Tracy's room to congratulate him, but she can't get a word in because Kenneth is running down a list of the rare and exotic perks Tracy will receive because of his success. She walks out, broken.

Next Lemon enters to congratulate Tracy on his Oscar acceptance speech. Cut to a Brando-style moment where Tracy stands silently while a Native American woman accepts his award for him. Because Tracy's mouth is full. Of Pop Tarts. Lemon and Tracy are both excited to see how his success will be her downfalls. They're interrupted when Kenneth brings in Tracy's suit for the Council on Poverty luncheon. He also reminds Tracy he's speaking at the Clinton Foundation that afternoon. Says Tracy, "Speaking? That doesn't sound like me. That's sounds like work." Lemon tells him that his new next-level career won't be all fun and games because people will expect him to use his power for good. It's a double-edged sword, chips in Dot Com. Tracy looks skeptical.

Later, Lemon makes her way down the jetway onto the plane, where she has a run-in with a pushy guy in Jets sweatpants. Carol asks, "Excuse me, young lady, are you old enough to be traveling alone?" She puts on a baby voice and jokes about seeing her Nana, then quickly realizes that fantasy is just a little bit tainted by its pedophile implications. Carol gets an eyeful of sweatpants guy and employs his bitchy male flight attendant Stuart to exact some airplane whoop-ass on the guy. Lemon is well impressed. She heads back to sit down, where she meets the guy across the aisle who is totally not an air marshal. Carol announces that there is runway traffic, and they'll be taking off in about half an hour. Lemon introduces herself to her neighbor as the pilot's girlfriend before gasping that there's a man on the wing. She recognizes soon after scaring the bejesus out of everyone that they are not, in fact, airborne, and that the man in question is a mechanic. Smooth.

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