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Downstairs, Dot Com joyfully welcomes Tracy back. Tracy cuts him off, calling his speech a "great impression of a guy that sucks." He tells Dot Com, Grizz, and Kenneth they have a lot of work to catch up. Kenneth says it's great to have the Three Musketeers and Dot Com back together again. He starts walking toward Tracy but trips over a table. Grizz says mockingly, "Smooth move, Ferguson!" Everyone has a good laugh, except for Tracy, who's not in on the joke. Tracy angrily tells them he's the only one able to have inside jokes, for example "Hot feet" or "Ask Melissa about it." They look at him quizzically, but he continues on, forbidding them to say "Smooth move, Ferguson" ever again.

Time for the "Lemon gets her life together montage." She playfully tidies up her house with a pink scarf around her hair and a song in her head that has the flavor of "We Go Together" and the theme from Laverne and Shirley. Words: "Sometimes, we use a song to move a story along and explain it to you. 'Cause Liz is taking charge. She's in control of everything she do... in her personal life, hey hey, na-na!" Just as the song gets to the part about the story obstacle, Lemon is faced with a plastic bag dangling from a tree "right outside the window of [her] soon-to-be Perfect Life Apartment." She goes to ask the doorman about it, but he replies gruffly, "If you're not in the building, I don't have to talk to you." Also, the tree is city property, so she'll have to take it up with them.

Over at Jack's apartment, Avery calls for some Reagan-masked Skype sex with Jack. The only catch is that he's holding Liddy, who will undoubtedly be scarred for life by this faint memory. The nanny takes the baby away, grumbling, "You people have too much money." After Jack defends the amount of "Reagan time" he's been sharing with Liddy, Avery tells him that her trip has been extended. She offers to get out of it, but he's enjoying his one-on-one time with the baby and tells her to stay, as long as she brings back some throwing stars for Liddy. She thanks him for being the best husband ever, then rewards him by putting back on the Reagan mask and eating jelly beans sensually.

The next day, Kenneth is walking down the hall with Grizz and Dot Com. He throws a piece of garbage toward the trashcan and misses, warranting a "Smooth move, Ferguson." Tracy pops out of the garbage can and yells that he knew they were disobeying his orders to drop any inside jokes. Tracy demands they explain to him why the joke is funny, but it turns out to be a case of "You had to be there" involving a Mexican delivery boy. Tracy says then so be it. He tells them to recreate all the events surrounding "Smooth move, Ferguson" so he can join the joke and "they" can get on with their lives.

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