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Operation: Ferguson is a go. The last piece of the puzzle is to turn on the TV to MSNBC, where there's continued footage of Avery's capture. Kim Jong-Il calls reports of Avery heading up a fake Western news station "as ridiculous as the dunk Kim Jong-Il won the NBA dunking contest with." Tracy wonders what "his boy KJ" is doing on TV. Apparently they're pals from way back when they co-starred in a movie that Kim Jong-Il also directed. It featured such lines as, "Death to the CIA! Let us increase production of millet and sunflowers!" Frank can't believe Tracy was in a propaganda film, but Tracy says, "It was either that or play a rapping doorman in a Kate Hudson movie." Everyone nods understandingly. Just then, Kenneth's alarm rings, and it's time for Operation: Ferguson to commence. They all take their places as the delivery boy comes in and trips once again. Grizz delivers his line, and there's a long, awkward silence. Finally Tracy laughs and commands everyone else to laugh along with him. Success!

Later, Jack asks Tracy if he can illuminate a bit about Kim Jong-Il's personality. Tracy gravely tells Jack that KJ likes to shoot in close-up too often ("Comedy lives in the wide shots") and that his acting notes are often vague. Jack thanks him, then turns back to the TV, where Avery is making an announcement under the headline "Western Lie-Monger Apologizes." Jack is prepared to accept all of the propaganda Avery spouts (including floggings similar to their pirate-themed foreplay and cinder block breaking that she pays her trainer $1,000 an hour to replicate) until she says she's been convinced that Capitalism is flawed. Jack clasps his hand to his mouth, whimpering, "Oh my God, what have those monsters done to her?"

He goes to his last resort: Condoleezza Rice. She greets him with the typical passive-aggressive hostility of an ex. He apologizes for breaking up with her by text, going out drinking with Karl Rove on Valentine's Day, and calling her favorite movie lame. Condi shoots back, "Mars Attacks is awesome!" She demands he admit she's better at piano than he is at flute. He refuses, so they have a dueling banjos-esque competition that results in Jack falling to the ground in defeat. He admits she's better, so she says she'll see what she can do, then asks him to "get out of here before this gets weird."

Meanwhile, Lemon is sawing down the branch from which the smiley-faced bag hangs. She tells it, "You know what Mr. Bag? I will have a nice day. I'm gonna hang you in my kitchen and fill you with other bags. You will eat your family!" A cop approaches and tells her to put the saw down, or he will Tase her. Just as the bag starts fluttering down to her, he pulls out the volts. Grappling the bag, she shrieks, "Aaaaaaah! Worth it!"

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