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Back at 30 Rock, Jack gets a call from Avery, who convinced the Korean luddites that her iPhone was actually a razor. Jack apologizes for telling Avery to stay. She says it's not his fault and says they actually love her there. She's already won a North Korean Emmy. Jack says there's hope: He spoke to Condoleezza. Avery says sharply, "Really? Did you also call Sally Ride and her sister?" He promises to get her out of North Korea, but her phone dies and she can't respond. He insists that it must have died right after he finished his speech because he is in control of his destiny.

Downstairs, Tracy peacocking around, screaming "Smooth move, Ferguson" and laughing. Kenneth finally tells him to let it go. Tracy finally lets it out -- it wasn't the joke itself, but what the joke represented. They were able to carry on and laugh without Tracy. Kenneth sobs that it wasn't funny, they just needed something to fill the holes in their hearts because otherwise being without Tracy was unbearable. Kenneth begs Tracy never to go away again. Tracy wails, "Never tell me what to do! Quad hug me in the middle! Also, due to a paperwork accident, you will not be getting paid this month!" And all is back to normal.

That night, Lemon calls Jack to brag that she got the bag and is "in control of [her] holes... or whatever." Since his phone call with Avery, Jack doesn't feel so confident. He tells her, "Condi tried, but Avery + Freedom = :( " He looks on the news, where it's been announced that Avery has married Kim Jong-Un, Kim Jong-Il's song. The banner reads, "He's Okay With How Much Shorter She Is Than Him." Just Jack tells Lemon this, a delivery boy on a bike nearly runs into her. As she stops short a bunch of plastic bags are caught in a gust of wind and fly into the tree in front of Lemon's window. She drops to her knees and screams, "Nooooo! Mortality!" as the delivery boy tells her, "Smooth move, Ferguson."

Bonus! Another scene from Kim Jong-Il's directorial debut-slash-masterpiece.

It's a short jokes section this week, not unlike a certain Asian dictator.

Secrets & Lies
Jenna: The Secret? I gave this to you five years ago. You still haven't read it? It works, Liz. Look at me. Every since I started secreting, I've become a TV star, I found my soul mate... you saw how flat Gwyneth Paltrow sang at the Oscars. I visualized all of that.

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