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Elsewhere, Tracy and Jenna endure more Kenneth stories. Well, actually, now they're more like road trip directions through the more rural parts of Georgia. Tracy squirms, and Jenna bangs her head against the makeup chair.

Writers' room. Danny runs in, frantic, and flips on the TV. Frank, Toofer, and Lutz watch as Lester Holt says there's a mysterious, toxic gas leak in 30 Rock, and it's triggered the building's automatic locks. The doors slam behind him. Then Holt says the gas has created a "Cloverfield-type monster that cannot detect the smell of human skin" and lets everyone but these three stooges know that this is Danny and Jack's prank in play. Holt says anyone still inside should disrobe immediately, so the men scream like girls and start ripping off their clothes. Once they're down to their skivvies, plus Frank's hat, Jack busts open the doors and brings some of the TGS dancers in for a little look-and-laugh. Danny says they're even, and Jack leaves, dismissing them: "As you were, nerds." He also smugs, "Circulus et prunum, circulus et prunum."

Meanwhile, Kenneth reads aloud from his autobiography, including spaces. Jenna scratches at her neck as if she's developing hives.

The next day, Jenna is mercifully free and getting her morning coffee with Lemon. Kenneth greets them cheerfully as he passes by. Jenna looks flustered, finally admitting to Lemon that, after hearing Kenneth's voice for all those hour, she had a very graphic dream about him the night before. She starts into it, but Lemon shuts her up with some good, old-fashioned "la la laaaaaaa!" Then Tracy joins the conversation, complaining that he, too, had a tawdry dream about Kenneth, only his involved a portable Jacuzzi, and their two glistening skin tones "looked like a close-up of a killer whale being born." Jenna and Tracy resolve never to go to sleep again, then scurry off, only to be greeted with a dumb smile from Kenneth.

In the writers' room, Toofer has done some research on Jack's "circulus et prunum" exit line and discovered that it's the motto of his Princeton secret society Twig and Plums. The society has many strange rules. For example, if he says "Twig and plums" to any member, that member will have to drop whatever he's doing and make up an excuse to leave the room. Cut to footage of a Donald Rumsfeld news conference that ends abruptly when old Rummy hears the secret words. The Pranksmen realize they can wield this powerful new information against Jack. Moments later, Frank busts in on a meeting Jack is holding and utters the key phrase. Jack excuses himself on the ruse he has a veterinary appointment, shooting Frank a hostile look as he goes.

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