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Back at 30 Rock, Tracy and Jenna wake up "in their dream" and let loose the attack on Kenneth, who can only scream to Tracy, "Why? I considered you a brother!" They raise up their arms to fly away, but Pete comes in and tells them they're wide awake, and it's morning. The good news is they slept through the night without any sexy Kenneth dreams. The bad news is they've just assaulted the dutiful Page. Ever-forgiving Kenneth is just happy Tracy and Jenna are cured. Group hug!

Writers' room. The Pranksmen find a mini-DVD in an envelope on the office door. They pop it in and see Jack in what appears to be Frank's mom's bedroom in Queens. Indeed it is, and dastardly Donaghy and dim Danny make some serious implications that Frank "will not enjoy the next" DVD if he pushes them any harder. Jack notes that Toofer and Lutz also have mothers. He asks, "Do we understand each other?" Frank tells his men to stand down.

Upstairs, Jack calls Lemon to show her that Floyd is back on Today and drunk as a skunk. He won't leave, and it's starting to get on his Kathie Lee's nerves. And that's saying a lot. Floyd's intended, decked out in her fanciest cropped shirt, tries to break up the scene, which is a no-go. She makes the best of it, waving awkwardly at the camera. Floyd nearly barfs on the anchors, but it's a false alarm. Lemon gasps. She tries to explain to Jack what happened, but he doesn't care, just tells her to fix it.

Lemon runs downstairs to wrangle the drunk and his lady. She apologizes to the bride-to-be, offering her a consolation prize of a TGS mousepad and Dateline wallet. Soon-to-be-Mrs. deBarber is relieved she wasn't the one who caused Floyd's bender. Lemon assures her he spoke fondly of her during dinner. Floyd, now sobered up, says he blacked out. He wonders if he fell down because his back hurts. He lifts up his shirt to show he's gotten a mega-tramp stamp (not unlike these) tattooed on his back. Lemon can't help herself from snickering a little as she apologizes some more. But the laugh's on her. Floyd's fiancée mentions that she doesn't really have any girl friends and asks if Lemon will read a passage from Corinthians at the wedding. And, really, how can she refuse?

That'd be like denying you guys the jokes... or denying Pete his Kenmares. Because that happens. It seems the Trennaprah's only been shifted, not vanquished entirely. And, in Pete's head it involves Kenneth in silver hot pants with a strategically placed peacock. [And Liz, with a man's voice, saying "Let's do this." - Zach] Glorious!

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