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Dis Engagement

Danny: All right, I'm game. What should we call ourselves?
Jack: What's the most handsome animal?
Jack/Danny: The silver panther! Grrrrrowl.

Kenneth Spins a Few Yarns
Kenneth: And Old Gus is the biggest catfish in the pond. Legend has it the only bait that'll catch Old Gus is a piece of Old Gus himself! So every time they catch him, they cut off a piece of him -- so they can catch him! Now how did the very first person catch Old Gus? Well that's a story for another time -- right now! [Later...] So if my grandfather hadn't gotten on the wrong train that day, he never would have met his wife...'s murderer. [Still later...] I wonder what Hawaii's state quarter is gonna be. Nobody knows, but here are several hundred guesses: A pineapple! A coconut! [Yet later...] So to get there, you start on Old Barn Road. Then you take the first left, then the next left, then the next, and then another left. That'll take you 'round the quarry, which is real pretty. I just wanted you to see it. That'll put you back on Old Barn Road. [Oh, but there's more!] Now I don't have a lot of experience reading stuff out loud to people, so I'm gonna do this the most normal way I can think of: "Space, space, space, space, space, space, 'My Autobiography' space, 'By Kenneth Ellen Parcell,' space, space, space, space, space..."

Friendly Competition?
Floyd: You want to split some mozarella sticks?
Lemon: I saw you on the Today show.
Floyd: Damn it! I could have sworn you watched The Early Show on CBS.
Lemon: The Early Show? What am I? In a hospital?

Dream Weave-er
Jenna: I just had another Kenneth dream!
Tracy: Me, too. But how do I know this isn't a dream? Wait a minute... [Checks his teeth.] All my teeth are loose, so we're good. It's real.
Jenna: Tracy, my dreams are getting worse. This one was so... graphic. Kenneth and I were married and living in Indianapolis. We had kids!
Tracy: What kind of sick mind dreams that?
Jenna: It was disgusting!

Breakfast of the Defeated
Pete: What the Hell are you doing?!
Tracy: Controlling our dreams?
Jenna: We can explain, Pete. We were just trying to Elm Street Kenneth.
Pete: Unbelievable. It is way too early for this, guys. I haven't even had my first cup of wine today.

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