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When Lemon arrives to work she asks the crew where they plan on going for vacation next week. "Nowhere. We don't get next week off," is the reply. She sees Kenneth in the hallways and he sneezes in front of her. Lemon is aghast. She has four days until her annual trip to the private beach St. Bartleby and doesn't want to get sick. At the beach, people get served soft-serve ice cream, and they wear dark socks, according to French custom. Cerie approaches and Lemon shows the two of them her new swimsuit, as seen in US Weekly worn by Dame Judi Dench... 's mother. Kenneth assures her he's not sick and has the constitution of an ox. Then he vomits on his desk. "Oh no. I must have ox fever. When did I walk barefoot near an ox?" Lemon runs away, and Cerie chases after her. She tells Lemon that her trip has been cancelled because the hotel was overbooked, but it's the first time Lemon is hearing the news. "I texted you," says Cerie. She looks at her phone. "I forgot to hit send," which she does before she struts away. Can we have more Cerie scenes please? Not necessarily for the comedy

Speaking of... Elisa walks into Jack's office and climbs into his arms. They kiss. She can only stay for a minute before going back to work. "I thought it was your day off?" asks Jack. Elisa has two jobs. When she isn't taking care of Jack's mother, she takes care of an old man with dementia. Jack offers to cook her dinner when she returns to work for his mother, but Elisa can't afford to treat her workspace like it's Jack's house. She also thinks that Jack's mother doesn't like her. Jack reassures her that his mother hates every woman he dates. It's not because... "What do you call yourself?" "A Puerto Rican," says Elisa. "No. I know you can say that but what do I call you?" "A Puerto Rican," again says Elisa. "Wow," responds Jack. "That does not sound right."

Jack is in a room with the inimitable Dr. Leo Spaceman. "Jack I need to ask you to drop your pants." Jack does and Spaceman gives him his flu shot... in the arm. Lemon walks in and Jack asks her advice in dealing with Elisa's busy work schedule. He says the relationship is turning out to be complicated, and Lemon reminds him that he said the same things about C.C. Spaceman gets out his needle to stick Lemon with what we must assume is a non-lethal injection. There are only five more shots available, and Jack asks Liz who else on her staff is deserving of the shot. "You're rationing health care? That's not okay." Jack laughs off her naïve assertion and then welcomes her to the elite class. Lemon pushes back though, invoking her working class roots in White Haven, PA., and her two grandfathers. One dug out the White Haven quarry and the other filled it back in with sludge from the eraser factory. Lemon refuses the shot. It's about fairness, which is worth the risk of falling sick.

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