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On set, the crew thanks Lemon for sticking up for them. They are all painfully sick from the cold, and one of them hands her a meat plate as a gesture. When she walks away she receives a text message from Cerie: "UR V8K8SH1 iz baqon." She asks Cerie to decipher it for her. It's that her vacation is back on. The flu forced some people to cancel their vacation plans. Lemon imagines herself on the beach at St. Bartleby's, her socks on, a young attractive man handing her a drink in a coconut shell, and a turtle named Oscar that walks by with a tray of food on his shell. She snaps back to reality and is confronted with a room of cold & flu zombies. She runs away while thinking "I can't get sick." Lutz staggers toward her from around an unseen corner and Lemon drops her plate of meat. She takes off in another direction, and then pulls out a mirror to make sure the coast is clear before turning another blind corner. She exhales in relief, but when she lifts her head she sees Kenneth's reflection. He chases after her to sign revision papers. Lemon runs into Hornberger. He's not sick at all. "Thank God it's you," she tells him. Then Hornberger sneezes. The lighting turns ominous. He's joined the ranks of the unvaccinated. Lemon cracks him over the head with a picture frame and runs to go see Dr. Spaceman. "Give me the shot. I want to go on vacation," she says upon entering his office. He demands to be danced for, and then obliges.

Tracy and Jenna return from buying... clothes? Somewhere along the way, they forgot about buying soup for the sick crew. Now they must come up with some other form of appreciation. Lemon is on the opposite side of the issue. The crew loves her. She pretends to not have taken the shot and hears them whisper sort of good things about her. "Hey, that Liz Lemon is okay. Why did we hate her guts so much?" Jack tells her how amazing his date was with Elisa, but Lemon is appalled they would drag an old man out with them. He accepts her chastising, and acknowledges he isn't as pure as a woman who risks getting sick before her annual vacation. He also tells her that the flu shot creates a very noticeable rash on your arm after 24 hours. Lemon covers her arm and runs to wardrobe to find a jacket. Kenneth surprises her and notices the arm. He asks if Liz got the flu shot, but she tells him he's having a fever dream. "We're speaking French and I'm your mother." Kenneth begins speaking fluent French to her, and it chases Lemon out of the room.

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