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Tracy: "But then I had a brainstorm. It was a bad one. Jenna had to put my tongue guard in."

Kenneth's Great Expectations
Kenneth: "You could get your wallet..."
Tracy: "My what?"
Kenneth: "And go downstairs to the basement."
Tracy: "No!"
Kenneth: "Then you go to the soup place and bring the soup back up here."
Tracy: "With what, my arms?"
Kenneth: "Make sure to take your IDs with you."
Tracy: "That would be the worst part!"

The Brangelina Nuptials
Jenna: "Without the crew we'd just be two amazing people succeeding in a vacuum."

Because It's Not the Set of He's Just Not Into You
Elisa: "Why can't I have fun like an upper-middle class person?"

Juno linguistics
Cerie: "Happy November 4. Letter U."

Silent Comedy Award
Spaceman: "If you want a shot, you're going to have to dance for it."
Lemon dances, busting out a series of moves.
Spaceman: "Very nice."

The Id and the Ego
Jenna: "Tracy, I got it!"
Tracy: "Give it to me! It's mine!"

How to Make a Conversation Mistake
Jenna: "These people are sick, and what's the best medicine?"
Tracy: "Medicine?"
Jenna: "Laughter. Do you see where I'm going with this?"
Tracy: "No!"

A Sex Tour Vacation?
Lemon: "Not just any vacation. This one has beach socks, and ice cream, and sandwich turtles."

No-Prize Award Winner
Dr. Leo Spaceman wins the funny award this week, and in possibly the fewest scenes ever. The scene between he, and Jack, and Liz, was a grand, loopy, comic escapade. It felt like improv -- GOOD improv.

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