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Backing into the Future
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UWS. Lemon, wearing the same pajamas she loaned to James Franco, sees a "DVD Error" message on her TV screen and pops open the tray to find a waffle in there. She calls Jack to see if he knows anything about it, since he watched over her post-oral surgery. Turns out Lemon was bombed on pains meds, and the waffle was just the tip of the iceberg (see below).

They hang up, and Avery comes into Jack's apartment from her morning jog. She mentions there's a rumor circulating that a company from Philadelphia is angling to buy out NBC, but Jack remains incredulous. Believe it, Jackie Boy. He assures Avery that he's spoken with Don Geiss, and the deal is dead. Avery says she doesn't think Geiss is exactly leading the charge toward the future, prompting Jack to reference his book Geiss Cubes -- so named because it's full of "cubes of knowledge" about the inferiority of women's brains and the superiority of the "negroid musculature." Yep, spearheaded the voyage to tomorrow did that Don Geiss.

30 Rock. Lemon asks where Frank is, because he needs to write some Olympics sketch about (insert purposefully obvious dubbed-after-filming sound over Lemon literally clapping her mouth open and shut) "Lindsey Vonn!" who won the "gold medal for skiing!" Kenneth says Frank overslept and told him to make up an excuse. This being Kenneth, the excuse is the plot of "Jack and the Beanstalk." Lemon cuts him off and begins to call Frank but is distracted when she sees a phone contact labeled "Future Husband." With the help of Jenna, who is used to getting drunk and blacking out, Lemon ascertains that she must have added it when she was doped up from the dentist. She explains to the gang that she did a bunch of stuff she can't remember after her surgery. Kenneth thinks it's super-romantic -- "just like that movie I only saw the first 10 minutes of... Fatal Attraction!" Jenna encourages Lemon to call the mystery man, but Lemon worries that he could be some sort of serial killer, or worse. He could wear a thumb ring! Kenneth tells her his motto: "Everything always works out for the best." To prove his point, he tosses his wallet out the window, knowing it will come back to him. Credits.

Studio. Tracy and Jenna are filming a promo for TGS, which he ruins by coughing through. He thinks they've got it, though, and refuses to do another take on the grounds that he is too big for that stuff now that he is a future Tony award winner. His confidence is at an all-time high because it's Tony eligibility season, and he's booked a venue to put on a one-man show that night. Lemon asks with a cringe if he's prepared anything, and he tells her he's not a nerd and is going to keep it loose.

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