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Backing into the Future

Somewhere in the assistant underground, Jonathan downloads Don Geiss's schedule while self-narrating to the tune of Mission: Impossible.

Over in the break room, Lemon enters as Kenneth posts a sign that reads, "Lost: One Wallet. Will Turn Up If It's Meant To Be." He tells her that he realized he had a prescription in his wallet that kept his "donkey spells" in check. Cue the braying. He pops back up, chipper as ever, and Lemon pretends that didn't just happen. She updates him on what she found out during her trip to the dentist. He is captivated by the idea of Lemon meeting up with her future husband, so he says they should resort to a little small-time trickery. Cut to: Lemon in her office, calling up FH (a.k.a. Wesley) as Kenneth watches and giddily claps his hands together. Lemon puts on her best Jamaican accent to pose as the dentist's receptionist. She tells him that he needs to return for some work, wrapping up quickly as her dialect devolves into Irish brogue. FH Wesley agrees to come in, and Lemon bids him adieu: "Cool Runnings, man! Bobsled!" Kenneth excitedly congratulates her, suddenly falling into a donkey spell that was no doubt triggered by the thrill of trickery.

CNBC. Jack pays a visit to Avery just as Brian Williams makes his daily hazing run. Jack tells Avery he saw Geiss's schedule, saying a meeting took place at former NBC CEO Jack Welch's Connecticut address. In exchange for this tidbit, he wants her to report that Geiss is fighting off the buyout. She says she can't stick her head in the sand just because Jack is and suggests he start distancing himself from Geiss. Jack adamantly refuses to bail on his mentor of 30 years, then makes the argument about their relationship, saying she uses people then throws them away. She insists that Geiss is a liability. He says she wouldn't understand and leaves for Connecticut. "I'm going to stand by my man," he says, "which is the song that I sang to Don at his promotion dinner."

30 Rock. Kenneth enters Jenna's dressing room to ask if she'll go support Tracy at this show that night. "I don't think so," says Jenna. "If I wanted to see a Black guy make a fool of himself, I'd have sex with K-Fed again." Something tells me Jenna may not have slept with the right K-Fed. Or it might have been another of those drunken evenings she told Lemon about earlier. Kenneth says he's worried about Tracy. And, without his wallet, he doesn't even have his lucky rabbit spine to make things right. Jenna says Tracy has no business being on stage because he's not a real actor. With five hours until curtain, she says it would take the greatest acting coach of all time to pull it off, then screams, "Fine, I'll do it!"

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