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Backing into the Future

Meanwhile, Kenneth watches as Jenna teaches Tracy the fundamentals of acting over in the studio. He gets absolutely nothing of value from her Shakespearian-inflected seminar, unless you count "no farting" and a rousing round of the echo game. It seems Jenna was thinking Henry Higgins but got Pee-wee Herman instead. To her credit, it's Tracy who actually gives up first and says it's stupid. Jenna passionately defends the craft of acting. Tracy says they'll have to agree to disagree on their respective acting techniques. Whereas she actually has (or at least claims to have) some method, he just acts like himself. And why should he change? He's gotten a pretty good response so far. Jenna divas out and tells him to read the damn phone book for all she cares. After she clomps out, Kenneth asks Tracy, "Do you think you'll be able to repeat your performance?" Tracy responds sonorously, "Your performance!" Even Kenneth appears to fret that reading the phone book might present too much of a challenge.

Out in the corridor, Lemon runs into FH Wesley. Turns out he's the "wallet angel" who's come to deliver Kenneth from his donkey spells. The excitement of getting his wallet back and proving his theory that everything does work out gets Kenneth so worked up that he has one more donkey spell for the road. Lemon shouts over the braying that this may be a sign that she and FH Wesley should give it another shot. They settle on dinner that evening. "Perfect," says Wesley. "Do you like Tex-Mex?" Can you guess the one type of cuisine Lemon doesn't enjoy? She dejectedly tells him she'll see him at the restaurant.

Upstairs, Jack watches Avery's program. She announces the buyout has gone through, then tags on that she's learned of a likely frontrunner to steer the ship forward. She says her sources have all pointed to Jack for his "programming experience, business savvy, and piercing blue eyes of a Siberian husky." Jack's many phones begin to ring immediately. Avery wraps up her segment by quoting Jack's promise to celebrate by "buying [his] lady friend that necklace she pointed out and then cooking her a Western omelet." Jack adds that he's going to braid her hair. They smile deviously, as if looking at each other through the broadcast, then Jack takes a victorious swig of Scotch as he walks out of his office, Jonathan manning the phones behind him.

Bonus: Tracy reads the phone book on stage. Jenna beams proudly, and the audience cheers. Somewhere between Igor Klossett and Jessica Takahama, you'll find the jokes...

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