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A piano is being played softly at a mansion in Connecticut. Jack and Lemon walk into the dining room of eccentric businessman Gavin Volure who invited the pair to a private dinner. Lemon is nervous because of the "strange toilet" situation but Jack knows Gavin personally. He speaks of Gavin's accomplishments to Lemon then explains how he fell off the face of the earth, sold his company Sunstream, and hasn't left his home in three years. He's also right behind them playing the piano. Our first shot of Steve Martin as Gavin Volure. The room applauds, as do I. I've got a man crush. He introduces himself to the room and then he introduces everyone else: a thin black man from the world of fashion, a thin and aged white woman wearing a debutante's crown from the world of society, a thin, disturbed white man from the world of art collecting and yelling -- wait that's John McEnroe. "Why isn't there any good art in here? C'mon!" Gavin introduces Jack and Lemon last. He's especially pleased to see Lemon from the world of the Arts could attend. He saw a photo of her and Jack on the front of the New York Times Sunday Styles section and found her beautiful. She returns the compliment with a Time Out New York comprehensive compendium on the best cupcakes in New York.

It's a late night on the set of TGS at 30 Rock. Tracy tells Kenneth he's afraid to go home because his two sons Tracy Jr. and George Foreman make him nervous. They follow him with their little kid eyes everywhere he goes now. "Those two have never paid me any attention and rightly so. I'm a strange man who can't be taken seriously." Kenneth suggests that the new attentiveness is born out of love, but Tracy sees something more insidious at hand. He holds up a doll the two made for him and charge them with practicing the dark art of voodoo. He does acknowledge, however, that there have been financial changes in his life recently and not just from the porno video game he created last year. There's new money coming in from the video game tie-ins, the toys, and a life size Tracy Jordan sex doll that is selling like hotcakes in Japan. "Well you know what they say," adds Kenneth. "Money is the root of all evil." Tracy is confused. "I thought that was just a tagline from my movie Death Bank." The Death Bank IMDb page.

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