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Back at the mansion in Connecticut, Gavin explains to Jack the idea for his new company. The pitch is wind power, bandwidth, and the Chinese market. I think T. Boone Pickens just got a boner, and so does Jack. He's footing the whole bill himself but agrees to make some room for Jack. When it's time to say goodbye he thanks Lemon especially, but because of his agoraphobia, he asks his manservant Carl to kiss her on the hand to bid adieu.

The next day in the TGS writer's room, Hornberger presents a hardhat and emergency kit to the staff. He needs a volunteer for floor marshal in case of fires, terrorist attacks, or Cloverfield monsters. None are present. Lemon walks in and hears her phone ringing. "Cerie is my phone ringing?" "It is. Wow you have like dog ears," and then she returns to her blackberry text. See Cerie can get away with that and almost anything because she looks like this. Lemon answers and it's Gavin. He invites her back up to his house this Saturday. "This must be what the kids call 'a booty call'." "I haven't been out of the house since 2004 and even I know the kids don't call it that anymore." She accepts the invite.

Tracy flips channels in his dressing room and happens upon a Court TV program about the Menendez brothers. The show host exclaims "the only thing standing between them and tremendous wealth was..." and at a pregnant pause Tracy eggs on the television for more information. The TV responds, "their father." Tracy jumps to the next logical conclusion, "My kids are going to kill me!" He turns over a happy framed picture of his two boys only to discover a more menacing framed picture of his two boys behind it. Tracy bolts the room.

Jack sees Kenneth doing laundry in the hallway for extra cash. Kenneth is saving money to send back to his family. He keeps his entire savings in a coffee can, $4,000 in total if you don't include the Confederate money. Jack and Kenneth are yet again involved in a caper of sorts. He takes Kenneth's can of cash with the intention to invest it in Gavin's new business initiative. He takes the cash upstairs with him where he encounters Lemon. She tells him about Gavin's invite but not to his surprise. "I thought he might. He asked if we were involved. I said you used to have a thing for me but were getting over it. That is what's happening right?" "Yeah," confirms Lemon in the most suspiciously disagreeable way possible. She's not sure she wants to try and forge a new relationship with anybody but Jack reassures her. "Gavin is a fabulous guy. If I were dating a man he would be at the top of my list with Michael Jordan, Denzel Washington, Taye Diggs ... God do I have a black thing?" If he does it persuades her to go to Gavin's house.

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