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Tracy returns home in the middle of the night. He's nervous. "Don't Menendez me." His boys walk into the kitchen wearing hockey masks and uniforms and to that Tracy FREAKS, yelling and running out of the house. One of his kids shrugs his shoulders, "we made the hockey team."

It's Saturday and Gavin is giving Lemon a tour of his house with manservant Carl directly behind them. They enter one room and Gavin observes, "One of these benches is a priceless work of art and the other is an ordinary bench from which to admire it." It's apparent more than ever that he never leaves the house. Lemon asks a salient question, if you have agoraphobia how "is this" going to work? His answer is that they'd probably just sit around the house, watch TV, eat, read celebrity gossip on the Internet, and never touch each other. "Who would want that?" he asks rhetorically and Lemon raises her hand. Back at Jack's office he and Kenneth check with Jack's broker on the progress of their newfound investment. The account was closed out with a zero balance. Whatever the hot tip was it would have served him better to put the money in a coffee can. Gavin walks Lemon to the front door after a day spent watching MTV Canada. He invites her back next weekend to her delight. "Nerds," says Lemon. She can't find her cell phone. It's in the other room. Carl walks away to retrieve it and in an instant Gavin locks the door behind him. Carl bangs on the door from the other side. Gavin grabs Liz and tells her the truth. "I'm not an eccentric agoraphobe. I just tell people that so they don't know I'm under house arrest for tax fraud ... and arson." Oh and by the way Carl's a U.S. Marshall. Gavin runs for his freedom and is tackled on his lawn by Derrick the other U.S. Marshall who he thought was still upstairs. "I miscounted the men Liz! I miscounted the men!"

Lemon tells Jack the truth about Gavin. He's a white-collar criminal who she allowed to hold her boob during Top Chef because she thought he was an agoraphobe. Jack vows to not only get Kenneth's money back but to hit Gavin Volure harder than a bottle of whiskey at an Irish wake. They turn the corner of the hallway and see Tracy sitting arms open in a director's chair. Lemon tells him he's blocking the hallway but then the real Tracy emerges from his dressing room. "Or am I?" The seated Tracy is the increasingly eerie Japanese sex doll tie-in from his porn video game. "You can tell us apart because it's not suffering from a vitamin deficiency." The doll is a decoy to fake out his greedy children and allow him to escape their murderous plot "un-Menendezed." In light of Gavin, Jack concurs with Tracy about the ways money can make a person or people go crazy. Lemon stares flabbergasted at the doll. Tracy: "You want to get one? I can get you one."

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