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Tracy shows himself off to Lemon as an explanation that he is still alive. Also Lemon, everything went well with Jenna's dad visiting. She has no idea what he's talking about. Lemon walks over to the rehearsal set when a man who is keeping a low profile in a painter's uniform, hat, and shades steps in front of her. "Hello, Liz." It's Gavin. He's come for her. Actually he's come back for her. He had already escaped across the Canadian border but returned to be with her. Gavin provides proof: cheap cholesterol medicine from Canada and a Paris Hilton film released only in Canada. "Camp of Approval? What's that even mean?" asks Liz. She should check the Camp of Approval IMDb page. Gavin pleads with her to go back with him to Toronto and gets a flat-out refusal. Then Jack struts in. "Volure. I thought by now you'd be some place U.S. law couldn't touch you like Bali or Utah." Gavin points a paintbrush at Jack then insists he only returned for Liz but Jack announces she's too good for him. He doesn't really put it that way. What he really says is "I can't believe I'm saying this to the great Gavin Volure, but Liz Lemon is too good for you." He tells Gavin to give him the brush and it sets Gavin aflame. He refuses to go to real prison. He's lost it all. He's lost Liz, to which Liz faintly disagrees, he's financially ruined, and that paint over there is drying weird. "Not prison. Not for Gavin Volure." Gavin climbs a ladder to the top of a scaffold. "Get down from there!" "Good God Volure, that's got to be 15, 16 feet." Gavin reaches a high point and yells down his intention to jump. Someone on set calls for the floor marshal and Kenneth comes running to the rescue wearing a hard helmet and holding his emergency kit. He glides by in slow motion befitting an entrance by Dr. Leo Spaceman. When he arrives, he offers water and saltines, which is of course the first thing you do during a terrorist attack. Tracy would feel safer with some saltines and pulls up a chair. Gavin is still ranting about the women and the money and the yacht and how he lost everything. Jack tries to reason with him. "Gavin, I'm not going to lie to you. You'll probably be killed in the first six months of prison." That tact doesn't seem to be working, so Jack reminds Gavin that he still has friends and that more importantly, perhaps most important of all ... "grab him Tracy!" Tracy grabs Gavin from behind on top of the scaffold. He tackles him to the ground. "But you're down there." Says a confused Gavin. "Or am I?" answer Tracy. Down there is a motionless Japanese sex doll. Jack puts his arms around it. "Good job sex doll." Lemon jabs the back of its head with her finger. "He miscounted the men." The end.

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