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Obviously, you can't like everyone. Some people deserve to not be liked, and other people just look like they deserve it. Case in point: I'm not a big fan of my upstairs neighbor because of his very severe facial features, but then I really don't like my downstairs neighbor because she smokes crack in the hallway. So there's reality, and then there's reality. As far as I'm concerned, the young man handing Liz Lemon a folder of White House research in the opening scene of tonight's episode fits either category. He looks like, and probably is, a tool. He's the Michael Rapaport of this scene. The Matsuflex of scene one, if you will. After handing her the research, he walks back over to three more of the unlikeable sort to exchange high-fives. Jack explains it to Lemon: these four guys are the new interns. They're also casualties from the bank collapse on Wall St. I knew it! Total tools. There are no worse humans today than in banking. Terrorists and Nazis are the only two worse groups of people to be counted among. Speaking of banking, it's online now. Did you know that? Jack explains to Liz, "They've got zero real-world skills, but God, they work hard." He tells them to run out and buy him flowers, bath soaps and Spanish-language gossip magazines. No, not to use as props on the set of the South American version of The Bachelor. Elisa and her grandmother are visiting, and Jack is doing all he can to impress Elisa's abuela (Spanish for grandmother). He suspects that abuela doesn't like him. CUT TO: A flashback of them sitting together on a couch. Abuela tells Jack in Spanish that she hates him. The fall from the Tower of Babel was an immense one.

Lemon joins Jenna in the break room with a heap of mail that doesn't belong to her. It belongs to her neighbor Dr. Andrew Baird, and Jenna picks through it, drawing several conclusions along the way. He has a letter from a divorce lawyer: single. There is an issue of Golf Magazine: not gay, and not poor. There are also Netflix movies in the pile, and they come Lemon-approved: Muppets Take Manhattan, Caddyshack and a documentary about how pies are made. I know that movie. Netflix recommended it after I queued a movie about how sausages are made (that was not a good movie).

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