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Tracy is in his dressing room with a cold compress on his forehead. He complains to Kenneth about the interns. "It's like I said in my not-hit comedy Cruise Boat: I'm getting too old for this ship." Kenneth tells him to stop going out to parties with these younger, higher-tolerance men, but Tracy is thinking of his career. If he stops hanging out with them it's like admitting he's gotten old, and the admission would be death to his comedy career. "Do you know what happens to a comedian when he gets old and loses his audience? He starts to get offered serious roles, and do you really want to see me play Arthur Ashe?" Even the thought of it runs a cold chill up Kenneth Parcell's spine. Tracy says he has to find a way to get rid of the interns. Despite the fact that they don't know how to do anything, he will find them something else to do.

"Back at...", "Meanwhile..." and Other Interesting Ways to Spell Out a Transition

Lemon greets Dr. Baird at the door, and explains that the party is tomorrow night. Tonight it's just her, the one-strap black evening gown she's wearing, scented candles and fondue. And now Dr. Baird. Liz invites him in, but before she can close the door, Oswalt from downstairs shows up with a dog in his hands. It's Buster, apparently. The dog snaps at Lemon and she tells him to drop it inside the door and scram. Meanwhile, on the set of Los Amantes, Generalissimo is giving an older-looking Hispanic woman a tour of his villa. "Later, I will fulfill my dream of making love to an older Puerto Rican woman," he tells her, and then compliments her on the pictures of her grandchildren. Back at Lemon's apartment, she and Dr. Baird feed each other fondue. Too hot. Meanwhile, at the taping of Los Amantes, Generalissimo admires still more pictures of the older woman's grandchildren, as Elisa's abuela watches with breathless regard. Back at Lemon's place, she and Dr. Baird flirt on the couch like it's Scream 2. Meanwhile, Generalissimo is watching his older, Hispanic version of Maude scratch off lottery tickets. Dr. Drew offers to get Lemon more wine back at the apartment. When he turns, she goes to kick the barking dog away. Meanwhile, Generalissimo plays an acoustic guitar for his enraptured audience. He tosses the guitar aside and approaches her. At the same time, Lemon and Dr. Baird approach one another, and when Generalissimo lifts the old woman off her feet to carry her away, Lemon and the doctor's impending kiss is interrupted by Buster the barking dog. Lemon grabs the pooch and takes it into the other room, and while she's doing that Dr. Baird complains of a headache. She tells him to dig in her purse for aspirin, and, as she and the dog carry on a fight slightly less aggressive-sounding than the one in There's Something About Mary, Dr. Baird mistakes the bottle of roofie pills Tracy got from the interns for headache pills, and takes one. When Lemon makes it back to the living room, he collapses to the floor. She sees the pills: "You've been roofied!" "You did what?" asks a confused Dr. Baird. Then he sees a pile of his opened mail on the floor next to him. The dog runs back into the room and barks at Liz. Suddenly the doctor realizes that it isn't really Lemon's dog. It's a moment out of Misery. She yells at the doctor to relax. A lampshade falls on his head. The poor doc is terrified. "I had to be Generalissimo," says Lemon. "I don't know what that means," he retorts.

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