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It's Friday Night in West Virginia
Kenneth: "Mr. Jordan's a little hung-over. He pulled an Uncle Harlan Parcell last night, minus the jug blowing."

Twice-Distilled Regret
Tracy: "Have you ever tasted Scotch? It's terrible! And this thing they call 'box seats at the Rangers game.' It's so cold!"

Silent Comedy Award
Generalissimo lighting a stick of dynamite taped onto a boy's head.

He's Dead, Buster
Lemon: "Well, Buster's probably dead. Do you want to go to the wine bar around the corner? Deal with these emotions? Get some dinner?"

What I'm Saying the Next Time I Order Griddle Cakes at a Denny's
Jack: "Moreda has gone Broken Arrow."

Paul Lynde Gay
Generalissimo: "It will be the performance of a lifetime. Like Julia Harris in The Belle of Amherst."
Jack: "Wow. You are surprisingly gay."

Next Week On Chuck
Elisa: "Later, she gave birth to the devil. You know, sweeps week."

Danny Glover
Tracy: "It's like I said in my not-hit comedy Cruise Boat: I'm getting too old for this ship."

I'd Like a Hamburger and a Small Order of French Fryers
Generalissimo: "After you scratch off these lottery tickets, can we go to McDonald's and order only coffee?"

Grammar Cop is Taped In Front of a Live Studio Audience Dr. Baird: "Also, a response to your complaint about bad grammar in subway ads."
Lemon: "The word 'whom' deserves a defender."

Matt Lauer: "And now to lighten things up, some pictures of beautiful Latin babies and the music of Tito Puente."

No-Prize Award Winner
C'mon, it's Baldwin. When is it not Baldwin?

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