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Another Friday night edition of TGS has just wrapped at 30 Rock. Frank invites Lemon to accompany him and Lutz to a bar with ninja waiters. It's the only kind I frequent, personally. Lemon declines, saying she's going to score some donuts and crash at home. Jenna, in a chicken suit, of course, interrupts to hiss about Lemon cutting her "Diaper Chicken" sketch. She storms off, and Pete and Lemon speculate which crazy stunt Jenna will pull for attention this time. Oh, that Jenna! Pete aims wide with "death of a voice coach," but Jenna chooses the far more recyclable fake injury. As they walk out, Pete says that Jenna's upcoming birthday (and all the attention she will receive as a result) might heal what ails her.

Lemon sees Jack and calls out to him. He admits has no plans for Friday night since Elisa went away. He yearns for somewhere to socialize where women aren't an issue. And lo and behold! He spots the writers, a.k.a. Franky Frank & The Schlumpy Bunch. Bingo! He glides off to join them. Credits.

Lemon and Pete have arrived at the 24-hour donut shop, but the teenage girl at the counter is too busy reaming out her boyfriend via voicemail to do her job, so Lemon meeps and moops for service. Finally, the girl turns around to reveal a pregnant belly. Side note: Some of you dorks -- like me, for example -- might recognize the girl as Anna from Spring Awakening. "Mama Who Bore Me," anyone? Lemon eyes the girl's engorged stomach like a ragamuffin who has just spied a piece of three-day-old bread. Just in case the protruding belly button wasn't enough proof, Lemon also spies a bunch of pregnancy and adoption pamphlets scattered on the counter as the teen harlot takes her order. Lemon seizes this moment that is so ripe for the baby-picking and decides to stay at the donut shop with her dozen assorted and the pregnant girl. We'll call her Jamie Lynn. Pete isn't too keen on this idea or Lemon' crazy eyes, but she basically pushes him out the door before he can further express his moral objections.

Meanwhile, the boys are having their night out at the crappiest theme bar ever. It's literally just a sports bar with waiters who are pissed they have to balance drink trays and unwieldy swords all night long. Jack gets the fellas to fess up to what their fathers pretend they do instead of that waste-of-time occupation that is writing. It comes out that Frank doesn't have a father. Nor does Jack have a father in the picture. Frank's father left to fetch the candles for Frank's fourth birthday lasagna... and never returned. Frank's made it his mission to restore the family name. His journey toward credibility took him to law school, but he had to drop out after a semester because his mother fell ill.

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