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The next morning, Cerie tells Lemon that there's a Tim down in reception. Lemon launches into a Mach-5 level panic that Tim has come to steal her baby. Yeah, the one she's stealing from a GED candidate's womb. Commercials.

Lemon runs out the hallway to intercept Tim. Instead, she finds Jenna. In a wheelchair. "Don't even ask about the wheelchair," Jenna swoons dramatically. "Okay!" shouts Liz as she continues running to the elevator bank. "Oh, so my old vocal coach died!" yelps Jenna. And payoff. Three points, Hornberger. Liz runs into Jack before she can hop into an elevator. She explains that her intense and intimate two-day investment in Jamie Lynn's will have been all for naught if Tim gets his way. Vis-à-vis Harry and the Hendersons moralizing, Jack tries to talk Lemon out of shooing away Tim. As you might have guessed, it doesn't pan out.

Back in the corridor, Kenneth finds wheelchair-bound Jenna and inquires about her health. She pretends she's putting on a brave face in the wake of many horrible tests and grizzled doctors. Kenneth glosses right over that and starts up about finding out Tracy's birthday wish so they can make it come true and "his birthday can go on and onnnn." This = Jenna's nightmare. She loses her shit, leaping out of the wheelchair and delivering a dramatic monologue about how nobody cares for her. But even Jenna's dramatic exit is foiled when Tracy enters. His eyes light up: "My birthday wish came true!" He wished for her health. Everyone is appeased -- Jenna, with her attention mongering; Tracy, with his need to believe in birthday wishes. Kenneth good-naturedly proposes they make Jenna's birthday wish come true now, to which Jenna responds, "Oh, that's so sweet! But who would I celebrate with if you all were in a car accident?" A chorus of guffaws fills 30 Rock.

Elsewhere, Lemon finds Tim and lies that Jamie Lynn wants him out of her life. He takes it without a fight. But then that damned John Lithgow appears to eff everything up. Damn you, George Henderson! Lemon realizes that error of her selfish ways and admits that Jamie Lynn actually wants Tim in her life more than anything. She escorts him upstairs, where he ogles her baby boobs and sings sweetly with Jamie Lynn about cobwebs and rainbows... until Lemon cuts them off. She doesn't have to listen to that shit anymore.

Meanwhile, Frank doesn't understand why Jack is now discouraging from him to attend Columbia Law. In a veritable shot-by-shot of Harry and the Hendersons, Jack sends his woodland ape back where it belongs.

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