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As we begin, Lemon sees Jenna in the hallway and kindly returns to her the lipstick she found in her apartment. Jenna says it couldn't be hers because she wears "Tiger Orgasm" not "Sunset Blush." Liz has a patented flashback to her apartment upon discovering the lipstick, which is laid on the floor of her apartment right next to a couch with a pop tart under it. Guess where the pop tart goes? (Her mouth.) Back to the present, and Pete whistles by. He's still separated from his wife, still rooming with Liz at her place. He walks by, rocking that "Justin Timberlake hat," as Jenna puts it, and has a sunny demeanor. Jenna suspects he's cheating on the wife none of us has seen yet -- we haven't seen her yet right? It's one of those Norm from Cheers things? Jenna is positive that he's having an affair because "men only take care of themselves when they are getting someone to have sex with them." Otherwise "they stay covered in their own filth." I pause the show and take a sexy Toni Braxton shower. Lemon asks Pete if he's having an affair on Paula and his kids, then catches Pete having a three-way with his wife and a pop tart when she returns home one day unexpectedly. Pete begs Lemon to let him stay at her apartment so that he and his wife can continue having sex of ill-repute.

It's in the main plot thread where we get treated to Jack's first appearance on the show; it's the first episode since his brilliant, scene-stealing 5-person impersonation of slightly racist '70s sitcom characters in the previous episode. Liz asks him about the odd superhero costume that has just walked by her in the hall and Jack lets her in on NBC's corporate-wide "green" initiative. Of course, this is a real initiative at NBC, so what we get to experience here is commonly known as synergy. On Friday, Deal or No Deal models are wearing recyclable suits! See? Synergy. Anyway, Jack introduces Lemon to Greenzo: "Saving the earth while maintaining profitability!" Lemon chuckles nerdily. Greenzo, real name Jarrett, is played by David Schwimmer. You might otherwise know him as one of the breast men from Breastmen or as one of the pallbearers from...I forget the name. It's yet another "Must See Thursday" alum for 30 Rock. But Schwimmer, unlike Jerry Seinfeld, gets to not play himself. Also unlike Jerry, Ross seems to slide unforced into Rock's kinetic pacing. Say what you will, I always felt those kids from Friends had good timing...and they were cute. Greenzo is an environmental superhero with oversized mitts for hands and a yellow cape against a green body suit. He believes in the cause of the environment, but not in that pinko liberal agenda type of way. "The free market will solve global warming, if that even exists" he says.

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